Top 5 Best Portable Shower For Camping

Personal hygiene should really be a priority for all of us. One of the key elements to good personal hygiene is to take a shower every day. This helps you avoid smelling bad and protects your body against pathogens, which may cause infectious diseases.

When you go out on a camp for the weekend or perhaps even a week, taking a shower is more difficult. There isn’t a shower in the forest that you can get into and clean yourself. While there may be a lake, the water may not be as clean as you prefer. The water may also be very cold.

With the best portable shower for camping, you can keep yourself clean and practice good personal hygiene even while outdoors.

Best Portable Shower For Camping: Summary

  • Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower
  • Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower
  • FeChiX Upgraded Solar Shower Bag for Camping
  • Advanced Elements (SS761) Summer Solar Shower
  • Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the Best Portable Shower For Camping, I recommend the below As the best options.

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How Do Portable Camping Showers Work?

Best Portable Shower For Camping

Portable camping showers usually consist of three separate parts that are used together. The purpose of the product is to give you the ability to shower when you are camping out. Some people also use these products to wash their clothes off.

One of the major benefits that a portable shower would offer is the fact that these products are generally equipped with solar panels. This allows the device to use energy from the sun’s UV rays to heat up the water on the inside.

A typical portable camping shower will come with three pieces:

  1. A bag that holds the water that will be used during the shower. The bag will be insulated and fitted with a mechanism that allows solar energy to cause the water inside to heat up.
  2. A hose that is used to transfer the water from the bag.
  3. A showerhead, which is attached to the hose. As water flows through the hose, it ultimately sprays from the head.

The bag is usually hanged from a tree or other structure. The hose is connected to a specific point on the bag, and the showerhead is then attached to the hose. There will usually be some type of mechanism, such as a knob, that activates the flow of water.

How Much Is Water Needed For A Camp Shower?

There is a common concern regarding the amount of water that may be needed for a camp shower. Since you are in the forest or another outdoor region, you may be limited to a supply of water. This means there may not always be adequate water to take a proper shower.

The specific amount of water that will be needed for this type of product depends. There are various models available on the market, each with its own sized water bag. You will have to consider the size of the water bag that comes included with the camp shower to determine how much water will be needed. Some go as high as a five-gallon bag. There are smaller options available too, which can be great for taking a quick shower. This is especially useful in cases where water supply is limited at a more significant level.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Portable Shower Vs. Getting Your Own?

Best Portable Shower For Camping

There are two options when it comes to having the ability to take a shower on a camp. You can either choose to rent a portable shower or decide to buy one and have it forever. Both of these options come with their own pros and cons. This is why you should carefully consider which option may be the most appropriate for you.

Consider the frequency of your camping activities. If you do not go out to camps frequently, then there may not be a need for owning a portable camp shower. On the other hand, buying the best portable shower for camping is definitely something to consider if you do find yourself on camping trips regularly.

Another thing to consider is budget. Buying a portable shower for camping is generally much cheaper than most people think. You are very likely to walk away with a camping shower at a price of less than $100 in most cases. When you decide to hire a portable shower every time you go out camping, the costs can quickly count up to much more than this.

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Portable Shower For Camping?

There are a few options that you can choose from when you are looking at the best portable shower for camping. Some of these products do offer better and more convenient features than others. Quality also differs, along with pricing.

There are a few things that you can take into consideration to help you choose the right portable shower for your camping trips.

Structure: Start by considering the structure and taking your own preferences into account. Most portable showers come with just a bag, hose, and showerhead. There are, however, a few options that come with a portable compartment, often called a shelter, that allows for more privacy.

Capacity: You need to ensure everyone on your camping trip will be able to take a shower. This is why you should also consider the capacity of the product. If you are only going with one or two people on the camp, a smaller water bag will do. If more people are going to camp with you, consider opting for a larger portable shower.

Price: Prices differ a lot, but most models tend to cost less than $100. Of course, a few options have a higher price tag. Know how much money you are able to spend before you set out to buy the best portable shower for camping. This makes things easier and helps you avoid overspending.

My Recommendation For The Best Portable Shower For Camping

With so many options to choose from, things can be difficult. The process of finding the right portable shower becomes confusing when faced with a significant variety of products. After some extensive research, we have come up with a list of the top five portable showers that are ideal for any kind of camping trip.

Take a closer look at the recommendations shared below to find the one that best fits your needs.         

1. Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower

At the top of our list is one of the most affordable options for people who simply want a basic system to take a shower while they are camping. The Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower has a low price tag and consists of just one single part. This makes traveling with the product exceptionally easy.

The Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower does not include a water bag. Instead, you can use your own water bag or any bucket that you may have brought with you to the camp.

The showerhead is battery operated to ensure water can be effectively extracted from the bucket and sprayed through a gentle stream at the top.

The product also features support for a suction cup. This allows it to easily stick to certain surfaces, which makes the use of the product even more convenient. The rechargeable battery can be recharged with the included USB cable.

Why This Portable Shower
  • An affordable option for people shopping on a budget
  • Uses rechargeable batteries for on-the-go use
  • Compact and handheld for easy traveling
  • Pumps water from any bucket
Keep in Mind
  • The camping shower does not come with a heating system
  • The batteries can run flat
  • No solar system is used


2. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower

The Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower/Solar Shower offers a convenient way of keeping clean in the forest. The product features a great price tag, considering the fact that it comes complete with all three essential parts that make the best portable shower for camping. This includes a showerhead, hose, and a water bag.

The water bag included with the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower takes up to five gallons of water. This is great when camping out with a few buddies, as everyone should be able to take a quick shower.

A special insulator and reflector panel system is used in the water bag. This allows water to heat up, thanks to the inclusion of the solar system too. A temperature gauge is included.

Why This Portable Shower
  • Includes a five-gallon water bag
  • Insulator panel helps water retain heat
  • Easy on-off function on the showerhead
  • Include a side pocket for shower products
Keep in Mind
  • Requires a relatively large amount of water
  • No privacy provided by the product itself
  • Limited heating settings


3. FeChiX Upgraded Solar Shower Bag for Camping

The FeChiX Upgraded Solar Shower Bag for Camping is another excellent option that comes with a bag, hose, and, of course, a showerhead. This is one of the most affordable options that come with all three essential parts.

The shower bag takes up to five gallons of water at a time. There is a solar system included in this camping shower, which makes it easy to heat up water. It does, however, take quite a while for the water to heat up.

A switch is included in the showerhead to turn the stream of water on or off.

Why This Portable Shower
  • Includes a camping shower bag
  • The bag takes up to five gallons of water
  • Features a removable hose and showerhead
  • The showerhead features an on/off switch
Keep in Mind
  • Water requirements may be too much for small groups
  • Requires three hours to heat up water


4. Advanced Elements (SS761) Summer Solar Shower

The Advanced Elements (SS761) Summer Solar Shower features a three-gallon bag, making this perfect for camps with smaller groups. The product also features a great price tag and comes with built-in solar technology.

UV rays from the sun are used to heat up the water in the insulated bag. A shower head can then be switched on when someone needs to take a shower.

There is an extra-large filling valve. This provides a smoother experience when showering. There are also Velcro strips in the shower bag for storing shower products.

The Advanced Elements (SS761) Summer Solar Shower offers a one-year manufacturers warranty.

Why This Portable Shower
  • Affordable price tag
  • Takes up to three gallons of water
  • Includes a temperature gauge
  • Extra-large filling valve
Keep in Mind
  • Limited water supply for larger groups


5. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Lastly, we have the Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower. This is a complete shower system that even comes with a shelter. If you find yourself concerned about privacy when looking at standard camping showers that only comes with a bag, then this is an option you surely want to consider.

The Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower is a multi-purpose product. It acts as a shower and an outdoor dressing room. It can take up to five gallons of water, allowing multiple people to take a shower. A mesh shower rack is also included on the inside, allowing for easy and convenient storage of shower items, such as soap and shampoo.

A chain-corded steel pole system is used that uses a rust-resistant material. This also helps to provide a more stable structure when the camping shower has been assembled.

The Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower also comes with a carry bag that makes storage easy. This also helps when traveling with the shower.

Why This Portable Shower
  • Complete shelter-like camping shower
  • Also doubles as a convenient dressing shelter
  • Provides better privacy than other models
  • Comes with a carry and storage bag
Keep in Mind
  • Price is much higher than basic camp showers
  • Requires a more substantial amount of water
  • Only comes in one single color variety



It is crucial not to overlook the importance of personal hygiene when camping out. Failure to take a shower each day on the camp puts you at risk of infectious diseases caused by pathogens that you may come into contact with. We looked at the best portable shower for camping in this post. These products help you stay clean and hygienic without the need for a fully-featured bathroom. They are also generally easy to use and does not require as much water as one might think.         


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