The 7 Best Lawn Rollers

If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your lawn, then you should consider adding a lawn roller to your collection of lawn tools.

These can be used for new lawns, they can also be used for making the soil more compact, and to even out the imperfections in the soil, such as molehills, worm casts, and other bumps in the lawn.

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  • Top Pick: Agri-Fab 18” x 36” Poly Tow Lawn Roller
  • Best for Large Lawns: Brinly PRT-36BH Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller
  • Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller
  • Best Budget Option: Agri-Fab 45-0267 18” by 24” Poly Roller
  • Ohio Steel 48T Pro Steel
  • Best Lightweight Option: Lawn Stryper LM408111B Lawn Stripping Pattern System
  • Toro Lawn Striping System

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What is a Lawn Roller Used For?

Lawn rollers can be a valuable tool for maintaining your lawn and improving its appearance, but it can also help the grass to grow faster once you have sowed the seeds.

There are several major tasks that lawn rollers can help you achieve:

  • Rolling the soil before sowing grass seeds can help you eliminate low spots and make the grass more even.
  • Rolling the soil after sowing the seeds makes sure all the seeds are in contact with the soil, allowing the grass to grow faster.
  • After laying the sod, rolling can make the sod more established.
  • Lawn rollers can help you eliminate the damage done to the lawn by insects and rodents.
  • Lawn rollers make your grass smoother and free of bumps or holes.

Many people will tell you that rolling the soil before you plant the seeds and after you plant them can make the grass grow faster, as the seeds will be in contact with the soil. Lawn rollers can also be helpful with lawn maintenance, as they smoothen out the lawn and get rid of imperfections, such as bumps.

A crucial component of using lawn rollers is to use them in moderation, and to use them correctly. You don’t want to overuse them, which can cause stress and damage to your lawn.

Do Lawn Rollers Really Work?

Lawn rollers can be a valuable tool in your gardening arsenal, but it should be used sparingly for the best results. They can certainly be an effective way to maintain your grass and make it smoother, but you should use them in moderation in order to avoid damage to grass or lawn.

If used correctly, lawn rollers will make your lawn flatter, as they will eliminate the bumps and the holes in the soil. They will also enhance the appearance of the lawn and make your lawn look much better, but it will also be friendlier for kids to play on, as there will be no bumps which can cause the children to trip on.

How Often Should You Roll Your Lawn?

You should only roll your lawn when you find it’s absolutely necessary. This means rolling your lawn once a year at most, but it will depend on the type of soil you have in your area.

Clay-heavy soil should not be rolled yearly, because rolling it constantly can cause soil compaction, which means the soil will be pressed together heavily, which can significantly reduce the amount of oxygen present in the soil, making the soil much less fertile.

If you have very dry soil in your area, then it might make sense to water the soil a bit before you roll the lawn to make the rolling more effective. But don’t soak it too much, or you’re risking soil compaction again!

The best time to roll your lawn is in spring. That’s when the grass is coming out of dormancy, and when the soil will still be slightly soaked, which will make the rolling more effective. Also, you can consider rolling in the autumn, but don’t do it in the summer. That’s when the grass is fully grown and you can do more damage than good to the grass.

How Do I Roll the Lawn?

So how do you actually do it?

It’s pretty straightforward. There are two ways of doing it:

  • By hand
  • By attaching the roller to a tractor or an equivalent vehicle

Now, manual rolling can be slightly tougher, as rollers can be quite heavy to move around. But, this is more convenient for people how don’t have a tractor.

On the other hand, attaching the roller to the tractor is much easier. It makes moving the roller around easy, and the rolling is more effective, too. But not everyone has access to this choice.

Here’s a nice example of how to roll a lawn that’s being prepared for reseeding.

How to Choose the Best Lawn Roller?

While lawn rollers might seem very similar to one another, there are some important distinctions to make when you’re choosing one.

Here’s what to consider when buying the best lawn roller for your needs.

Type of Lawn Roller

Firstly, consider what type of lawn roller you’re choosing, and how you’re going to be using it. There are two main types of lawn rollers:

  • Manual lawn rollers
  • Mechanical lawn rollers

Manual rollers are perfect for smaller gardens. However, if you own a larger garden and happen to own a small tractor or an equivalent, then it’s better to go with a mechanical lawn roller that you can attach straight to your tractor.

Size and Weight

Another key thing to consider is the size of the roller and its weight. Again, for smaller lawns, it’s better to opt for a lighter and smaller roller, while for larger lawns, you might benefit more from a larger roller.

Also, bulkier rollers will do much more for your lawn than lighter rollers – the effects will be much more prominent, but you’ll have to be careful here – using the heavy roller too often might result in lawn damage.

The Materials

Most rollers are made from two different types of materials: plastic and steel. Steel rollers tend to be heavier, and they will also last you longer than plastic rollers, most likely. However, that’s not a rule, but it’s rather what happens most of the time.

Plastic rollers, on the other hand, tend to be slightly less expensive and also more lightweight, although the weight will depend massively on the size of the tank of the roller, too. Consider the two types of products and decide what works best for you.

How they are Filled

Another factor that’s closely related to the weight of the roller is how you can fill up the roller in order to make it heavier.

Some use sand, which makes the roller much heavier, but it’s also more challenging to fill these rollers. In some cases, you won’t even be able to remove the sand and fill it on your own.

On the other hand, water-filled rollers are far more common. You can easily fill these up with water – and the best thing here is that you can fill them up as much or as little as you want, creating this versatile but still effective type of roller.


Lastly, consider the price of the product. As we’ve already said, if you want a cheaper product, then you might have to do with smaller and more lightweight rollers.

However, for larger lawns, it might make sense to spend more as you’re getting a larger and heavier product which will do its job better than a lightweight roller.

Some people or shops will also offer you to rent the roller and then return it, but only use that in a case of emergency. Besides, isn’t it always better to have the roller handy when you need it, so you don’t have to worry about the transportation?

What are the Best Lawn Rollers? 7 Options

After hours of research and finding the best rollers, here are the best lawn rollers that you can choose right now, and you won’t be sorry.

1. Top Pick: Agri-Fab 18” x 36” Poly Tow Lawn Roller

The Agri-Fab lawn roller is one of the most versatile and useful lawn rollers that you can buy right now. You can expect to have around 400lbs at your disposal for your lawn rolling after you fill-up the roller. There are two options to do that: with sand, or with water. If you decide to fill it up with sand, you can only fill it up halfway.

This roller can either be used as a manual roller or as a hitched roller. It has a universal hitch that will attach to any type of tractor. The roller is made from durable poly, making it lightweight and durable at the same time.

You can expect some assembly when you first decide to use the product, but it won’t be that complicated anyway. The rolling experience is fantastic, too. The roller has a scraper bar attached to the roller, which will actively remove any buildup on the roller itself. That makes the rolling much more effective, too.

Overall, we believe that you’ll do well to find a better roller than this. It’s versatile, reasonably priced, relatively hefty, too, and you can either use it as a manual roller or a mechanical roller. It’s definitely worth considering.

Why This Lawn Roller:

  • Very versatile option.
  • Built from durable poly.
  • It can be filled with sand or water (up to 400lbs).
  • Scraper bar included on the roller.

Keep in Mind:

  • It’s better to use with water than sand.
  • Unclear instructions.

2. Best for Large Lawns: Brinly PRT-36BH Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller

If you’re looking for something slightly more heavy-duty and for larger lawns, then you should consider the Brinly poly lawn roller. One of the biggest qualities of this product is its sturdy design. It’s made from a durable type of poly, which will last you for longer and will withstand even the heaviest of pressures that come with lawn rolling.

It has 76 gallons of capacity, which is certainly one of the largest capacities around. You can either fill it up with sand or water, and there is up to 690lbs of weight that this roller allows you. And its wide build (24” by 36”) makes it great for wider and larger lawns. Of course, you can also decide to fill it up a bit less at first to see what suits your lawn best.

The drum can be filled with a garden hose, which makes the process painless and easy. But surprisingly, when you want to store this product, it’s very lightweight once you remove all the water or sand. Simply drain it and store it somewhere safe, and it won’t be hard to move it around.

Of course, this roller works best if you intend to tow it with a tractor. The great news in this regard is that it has a versatile hitch pin, which will attach to any tractor, ATV, or ZTR. Consider this lawn roller for your larger projects.

Why This Lawn Roller:

  • Great choice for larger lawns.
  • Very heavy-duty.
  • Easy to use and drain.
  • Will hitch to any tractor, ATV, or ZTR.

Keep in Mind:

  • You won’t be able to use it by hand.
  • Reports of missing pieces or damaged pieces – check yours before using.

3. Agri-Fab 45-0269 Poly Tow Lawn Roller

Here’s another fantastic product by Agri-Fab. Compared to the first roller on the list, this one is slightly more heavy-duty, as it can support up to 550lbs of weight. It has an 18” diameter and is 48” long, which makes it appropriate for even the larger lawns out there.

The roller is made from durable poly, which is also rust-resistant and will last you a long time. Filling up the roller is easy with the fill and drain plug, and there’s also the steel scraper bar which makes the roller much more effective at cleaning up the mess off the roller. This will make the roller more effective as there will be no build-up on the roller itself.

This product can be used as a manual roller, but you’ll find that it is at its best when you use it as a towed lawn roller. You can simply attach it to your tractor or other vehicle you use for your lawn, and get amazing results with it.

You’ll also get a 3-year warranty for the roller, which makes sure you can use the roller for up to 3 years without worrying about it breaking down.

Why This Lawn Roller:

  • Easy to use.
  • Great for towing.
  • Up to 550lbs of weight.
  • Great for larger lawns.

Keep in Mind:

  • Not for manual use.

4. Best Budget Option: Agri-Fab 45-0267 18” by 24” Poly Roller

We’ve already featured two products from Agri-Fab on this list, and here is another. This one is a mixture of lightweight features and the ability to tow it, and it’s available for an amazing price right now. You’re getting a great deal of a product for a fairly affordable price here.

Firstly, you can fill this roller with water, and it can weigh to up to 400lbs at full capacity. When you’re done using it, you can remove the water from the tank easily and simply store it somewhere conveniently so that you can use it the next time. and you can decide how you want to use it, too. It works well as a manual roller, or you can attach it to a vehicle and use it that way.

You’ll need to do some assembly before you use the product, although you’ll get clear instructions before you start to do so. As we have already mentioned, you can fill it up with water, but you can also fill it with sand and use it that way. Just know that filling it with sand will make it heavier, and it will be harder to remove the sand later on.

There’s also a universal hitch attached to the product, allowing you to use it with almost any type of vehicle out there. And with the 3-year warranty, you can see just why this roller is such a popular choice out there.

Why This Lawn Roller:

  • Good value for money.
  • 400lbs of capacity.
  • Can be used as towed or manual roller.
  • Easy storage and 3-year warranty.

Keep in Mind:

  • The design of the hitch could be improved, as it’s somewhat insecure.

5. Ohio Steel 48T Pro Steel

If you’re after the ultimate heavy-duty roller, then you simply need to take a look at this roller. It’s slightly heavier than most rollers out there – the maximum capacity is at a staggering 920lbs. You can fill it up with water, and you can only use it as a towed roller.

It is manufactured in the US, so you can be sure about the quality and if you’re someone who loves American products, you’re going to love this one. As it might be slightly harder to remove the water from the roller, some users decide to leave the water standing in the roller during the winter.

And that can cause the water to freeze inside. That’s why the provider recommends that you add some anti-freeze to the water in order to prevent the water from freezing during the winter. Consider this product if you’re after a very large and heavy-duty roller.

Why This Lawn Roller:

  • Great for large-scale projects.
  • Heavy-duty design.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Great for towing.

Keep in Mind:

  • It’s large, so storage might be an issue for some users.
  • It takes a lot of time to drain the water and refill it again.

6. Best Lightweight Option: Lawn Stryper LM408111B Lawn Stripping Pattern System

Now, this product is slightly different from other rollers we’ve featured so far. It’s still a roller in its own right, although a much smaller one. This one can be attached to a lawn mower, and it will leave patterns on the grass, but also flatten it slightly.

So you’re getting a 2-in-1 tool here – it’s a flattening device as well as a tool to make patterns in the grass. The great thing about it is that you can attach it to a walk-behind mower, and create patterns while you’re mowing the grass.

You can adjust the height, width, and also the angle of the roller. You can even select from three different product colors – green, red, and black. It will work with bagging systems, too. You can fill it with sand to make it more hefty, which can create more prominent lines and it will also flatten the surface more.

Why This Lawn Roller:

  • Great for lightweight use.
  • You can attach it to the lawn mower.
  • Great for creating patterns and flattening the surface.
  • Easy to use.

Keep in Mind:

  • It won’t flatten the surface as much as other rollers.
  • Not very wide.

7. Toro Lawn Striping System

This product is very similar to the Lawn Stryper, with a few slight twists. The dimensions are slightly different here – it’s even smaller than the previous product. But it does a similar job to the Lawn Stryper.

It will make stripes in the grass but it will also flatten it every time you use the lawn mower. You can add dry sand to the device to make it heftier. It’s adjustable and you can use it with or without the bagger attachment on the mower.

Why This Lawn Roller:

  • Very lightweight.
  • You can add sand to make it heavier.
  • Easy to use.

Keep in Mind:

  • Not for larger lawns.

The Verdict

Lawn rollers can be important for improving the look of your lawn and to make the seed stick to the soil better. It irons out the imperfections in your soil and it makes it flatter, which results in a better lawn appearance in the long-term.

If you’re choosing a lawn roller for yourself, then we recommend that you take a look at the Agri-Fab Tow Lawn Roller (check it on Amazon here). It’s just the perfect blend of versatility and effectiveness, and it hits the sweet spot between usability and weight.

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