Top 10 Best Moon Lamps

Moon lamps are becoming increasingly popular for home design. They will bring a special atmosphere to your room, with their Moon-like shape and other features that make one look exactly like a moon. They use the 3D printing technology to achieve the effect.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the Best Moon Lamps, then I recommend below As the best ones.

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Does a look to the moon satisfy you and fascinate you? Then a moon lamp is your answer. They let you capture the moon and keep it in your room. These moon lamps will make you feel like you’re next to the moon and you have managed to capture it within your room.

A good moon lamp can be a relaxing, chilling addition to your bedroom, home, RV, tent, or anywhere else where you need a lamp and need to sleep. Moon lamps will produce a very soft type of light, and they will help you relax, unwind from the stress of the long day, and sleep easily. They are proven to promote better sleep and provide a relaxing, cool atmosphere to your room.

We’ve dug deep into the world of moon lamps to bring you the best moon lamps you can choose right now. Here are 10 best moon lamps for you to choose.

How to Choose a Good Moon Lamp

Before we jump into the products, though, we need to take a look at what actually makes a moon lamp worth a buy. Here are some of the key factors that will help you decide on your moon lamp.

  • Material. In addition to your moon lamp being resistant to impact and shock, it should also be made from eco-friendly materials. That’s a crucial factor when we’re choosing the lamp, as it will allow that we contribute to the safety of our environment.
  • Battery quality. Having a good moon lamp means having a lamp that will last you a long time without having to charge the battery. A good quality of battery will allow you to use the battery for longer.
  • The appearance. Of course, we must not neglect the appearance of a moon lamp. It should be suited completely to your taste. Most use 3D printing technology to recreate a Moon as best as possible. And if you’re especially picky about your moon lamps, then the appearance is a crucial factor.

The Top 10 Best Moon Lamps

Let’s take a look at the 10 best moon lamps to choose at the moment.

1. Mydethun Moon Lamp

The Mydethun moon lamp is a best seller on Amazon for good reasons. It’s made from eco-friendly materials (PLA), and is made with a 3D printer, making the lamp both eco-friendly and it also looks amazing. This lamp will fit right in with most designs.

There are two colors to choose from with this lamp. With just a light, quick touch, we can easily change the colors between white and yellow. You can select the color that suits your mood best – yellow is slightly more mellow and appropriate for night. White is slightly brighter and will be better if you’re looking for stronger lighting.

When the battery’s fully charged, it will last you for about 8 hours. And when the battery’s dead, you’ll only need to charge it for about 2 hours to get it to full again. Place this moon lamp into a wooden holder and you’ll get the best out of it.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Beautiful, eco-friendly moon lamp.
  • Two colors: white and yellow.
  • 8 hours of battery lifetime.
  • Budget-friendly.
Keep in Mind
  • Some report that it doesn’t work for long.

2. Mind-Glowing 3D Moon Lamp

Firstly, we must mention that this lamp comes in four different sizes: 3.5”, 4.7”, 5.9”, and 7.1”. This moon lamp is perhaps one of the more realistic-looking moon lamps out there, as the whole 3D printing process takes up to 26 hours to complete. That makes sure the lamp looks great and very realistic.

With the remote control, this moon lamp is incredibly easy to control and use. You can easily set the mood with this lamp with the 5 working modes and stages. When you need a slightly brighter light, you can easily do so. But if you’re looking for softer and subtler illumination. The remote allows you to set everything from the comfort of your bed or couch.

This lamp would make an excellent gift. And to go with it, there’s also a lifetime warranty included.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Easy to use with the remote control.
  • 5 working modes and stages.
  • Realistic-looking lamp.
Keep in Mind
  • Misaligned seam at the bottom.

3. Petrip Moon Lamp

There are two options when it comes to sizes: 3.9” and 5.9”. These moon lamps are FDA-approved and 3D-printed, bringing you a safe, eco-friendly moon lamp that looks realistic. It’s a charming moon lamp that really tries to recreate the surface of the moon as best as possible.

With the three main colors to choose from, this moon lamp gives you plenty of bang for the buck. There’s a yellowy color available, which is slightly more mellow. If you want something more romantic and charming, there’s a pink-like color also available. For brightness, white color is probably the best.

The lamp can be used for 8-10 hours before you will have to charge it again. The whole charging process takes about 2 hours and it can be charged via a USB port. Overall, this product offers the best correlation between price, quality, durability, and the looks.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Very affordable moon lamp but still very good.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Realistically-looking moon lamp with three color choices.
  • Good battery life.
Keep in Mind
  • No remote control included.

4. Logrotate Moon Lamp

The Logrotate Moon Lamp probably offers the widest color spectrum out of all moon lamps on this list. There are 16 colors to choose from with this lamp, and there’s also 6 size choices to pick from: 4”, 4.8”, 5.89”, 6”, 7”, and 9.6”.

If you’re looking to create a charming environment, or if you just want chill out and relax, or, if you want a subtler light – this lamp has everything on offer, and more. With 16 RGB colors, the color spectrum is probably wider than most moon lamps out there. This product makes a perfect gift for birthdays, parties, weddings, Christmas, and much more.

You’ll also get a remote control with the lamp, allowing you to control the lamp from 30 feet away. You can now easily change the color or the brightness of the lamp with just a few clicks on the remote. There’s also a 12-month warranty included, as well as professional customer support.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • 16 colors available.
  • Realistic-looking, versatile lamp.
  • 12 months of warranty included.
  • Remote control for easy use.
Keep in Mind
  • Some details are not as finely tuned as with other lamps.

5. Segoal Moon Lamp

The Segoal moon lamp is a great choice for everyone. While it is primarily aimed for kids, you can use it anywhere you go. It makes a great present for your friends, or you can simply use it in your bedroom or anywhere you go – your RV, or even your living room.

The lamp is made with 3D printing, making it a realistic moon lamp. The great news is that there’s plenty of choice when it comes to colors. There are 4 main choices that differ in color: Galaxy, Flame, Graffiti, and Moon. If you’re looking for a more classic moon lamp, then the Moon color choice is the best. Other color choices look really nice, too.

The touch button on the bottom can help you change the feel of the lamp. And there’s also a remote control where you can easily change the settings of the lamp. And when the battery runs out, you can simply charge it and re-use it.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Great, beautiful color choices.
  • 3D printing makes the lamp realistic.
  • Remote control allows us to use the lamp easily.
Keep in Mind
  • Some report that it’s not bright enough

6. Athena Futures Moon Lamp with Timer

Arguably the biggest selling point of this moon lamp is the timer and the remote control that allows us to use the lamp easily. But this lamp looks very beautiful – it was made with 3D printing in the USA, giving you some artistic pleasure while also bringing a nice light for your bedroom.

The regular option has 3 color choices – White, yellow, and orange. But, there are also two other moon lamps from this manufacturer that allows you up to 16 different colors. Although you will need to keep in mind that those options cost slightly more.

Other features include USB charging, gift box, booklet, and remote control.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Timer setting with remote control.
  • Three different options with different color choices.
  • Gift box and booklet included.
Keep in Mind
  • Timer setting with remote control.
  • Three different options with different color choices.
  • Gift box and booklet included.

7. Brightworld 3D Moon Light

Made from eco-friendly materials, the Brightworld moon light is appropriate for everyone that’s looking for a 3D moon lamp made on the basis of NASA satellite pictures. That makes sure that the moon lamp looks realistic and eco-friendly.

You can switch between two colors of this lamp. Just a touch on the bottom of the lamp and the colors will change to your desired accents. You can use it as a bedside lamp, or you can make use of this moon lamp as a purely decorative piece. The choice is yours, but the reliability and versatility of the lamp is there.

The battery can last up to 8 hours or even more, and the charging will take for about 2 hours. Overall, a very cool, eco-friendly lamp that makes for a perfect gift.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Realistic-looking 3D lamp.
  • Two color choices with an easy change.
  • Easy to use and versatile.
Keep in Mind
  • No remote control.

8. Hyodream 3D Printing Moon Lamp

The Hyodream 3D printed moon lamp is a cool-looking lamp that comes with 16 different color choices. It’s beautifully crafted with small details clearly visible on the surface of the moon lamp. And the lamp is beautiful – that’s made even better by the vast amount of color options to choose from.

All you need to do is use the remote control to change the colors to any desired color of your choice. And the brightness is also easily controllable – when you need some reading light, this lamp will do the business. Or, when you need subtler lighting, it will reward you as well.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • 16 color choices.
  • Remote control for easy use.
  • Versatile.
Keep in Mind
  • Poor battery life.

9. Toyuugo Moon Lamp (5.9 Inch)

Here’s another very useful and beautiful moon lamp with many useful features. There are 16 colors to choose for this moon lamp. All that can be controlled with a remote control that also recognizes voice controls.

It’s completely safe to use. It has a long-lasting life, but you’ll also get a 180-day warranty to go with it. And you can set this lamp up just the way you want it. If you need brighter lighting, then you can use the subtler lights. That will allow your child to sleep tightly.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Easy remote control with voice control.
  • 16 colors to choose from.
  • 180-day warranty.
Keep in Mind
  • The charging is slightly slower

10. Super3Dmall Full Moon Lamp

Last but not least, we have the Super3Dmall full moon lamp. It comes in 5 different sizes – this lamp is slightly larger than other lamps on the list, but it’s also brighter when you need it. Again, this product is 3D-printed, allowing you to have a beautiful moonlight of the highest quality.

It uses an energy-saving LED lightbulb, and there are also 16 different colors to choose from. You’ll be able to use this lamp day and night, and it makes for a nice, fashionable addition to your home.

Why This Moon Lamp
  • Powerful lighting.
  • 16 color choices.
  • Energy-saving LED.
Keep in Mind
  • The touch feature is not the best.

Wrapping Up

A beautiful moon light can really enhance the look of your bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a powerful lamp that will illuminate your room or if you need a subtler ambience, there’s plenty to choose from on this list.

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