Top 5 Best Portable Air Tank

When you search for the best portable air tank, you need one that will meet your needs. It should be lightweight, affordable, and able to handle whatever task you have for the day. More than anything, it needs to be durable. Take extra care into making sure that the product you purchase meets all of your needs.

Best Portable Air Tank: Summary

  • Viair 1 Gallon Air Tank
  • Air Lift Aluminum Air Tank
  • Metabo 10 Gallon Air Tank
  • Five Gallon Bead Seater
  • Craftsman Pancake Air Compressor

If You are in a hurry and want to get the best portable air Tank, I’d recommend the Craftsman portable pancake air compressor. It’s both an air tank and an air compressor in one! If You still searching for a stand-alone air Tank, you can get the Metabo HPT Air Tank.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Portable Air Tank

When buying a new product, it can be tempting to start surfing through websites as you hunt for the best bargain. Wanting to be budget-friendly is understandable, but this isn’t the way to go about buying the best item for your household. Instead, it’s important to determine what you want, and then find something to meet those needs to prevent buyer’s remorse. 

What Are The Benefits To Owning A Portable Air Tank?

There are several benefits that you can enjoy when you own a portable air tank. These provide the convenience that you need to get DIY jobs done, increase productivity, and decrease business expenses. 

1. Portability

The primary benefit of owning a portable air tank is that it is portable. Their small size and lightweight features make it easy to toss one of these in the back of the truck or car. Families can take one with them on the road to handle flat tires, or keep one in the garage for bike tires. Portable air compressors are also essential for DIY jobs around the house, such as painting your home. 

Homeowners aren’t the only ones that can benefit from portability, though. Employees at factories can take their air compressor with them from one part of the shop to the next, making it easy to take everything needed for the job with them. This can also apply to other professions, such as mechanics, that require an air tank. 

2. More Power Than Electric Alternatives

Another key benefit is the power that is packed behind using air in place of electricity. This is particularly useful when it comes to using tools. An electric screwdriver or drill does not have the same power behind it that an air tool does. Not only are they more powerful, but they are also capable of getting the job done faster, instantly giving your productivity a boost.

4. Cost-Effective And Safer

Portable air compressors instantly decrease costs at businesses. They are more energy-efficient than other options, such as electrical tools. Portable air compressors are also safer. They don’t pose any of the same risks that electrical outlets do. This reduces injuries on the job and money that companies have to pay out for those workers when they are unable to be on the job. 

Consider Different Features That Are Available

Although all portable air tanks have the same general function, which is providing you with compressed air, there are several different options available on the market. It’s important to consider the options available to ensure that you get one that meets your needs. 

1. Size

Size is one of the options you’ll need to think about. Air tanks are all portable, meaning that they are smaller than the massive ones in some factories, but that doesn’t mean that they are all small enough to pick up and go with. Some are 20 gallons and are transported by wheeling them. Others are only two gallons and can easily be carried. Consider what you will be using the air tank to determine what size you will need. 

2. PSI

PSI, which is the pressure that air is released at, is another important thing to consider. The higher the PSI used, the faster the air tank releases the air. Some things, such as air tools, require a higher PSI. 

However, the higher the pressure is, the faster the air comes out of the tank. This means that it will need to be refilled sooner, which can be inconvenient if you have a small tank but require a high PSI. You’ll quickly find that you spend more time refilling the tank than you would if you had a larger tank to accommodate the high PSI. You want to use the lowest PSI to work that doesn’t affect your productivity. 

3. Compatibility With Other Products

Attachments that are compatible with air tanks are another important factor that you must keep in mind. For example, if you plan to use an air tank for an airbrush kit to give your car a fresh paint job or start airbrushing as a side job, it’s vital to make sure that the two are compatible. 

Typically, you can do this by reading the product description. Most will include information regarding the size of the ports on the tank. If this is hard to find, consider asking the company that manufacturers the air tank. Usually, they can provide this information. 

4. Drainage Port

Portable air tanks seem to be known for getting a small amount of water in their bottom. Those that are sold without a drainage port can prove extremely difficult to drain. If you do not drain the water, mold and mildew will breed inside the tank. Opt for a product that offers at least one conveniently placed drainage port on the bottom or sides. 

The 5 Best Portable Air Tank Review

1. Viair 1 Gallon Air Tank

This one-gallon air tank puts the “portable” in a portable air tank. It is small enough to take with you on the road, even if you need to put it in the saddlebags on the side of your bike. Durable material and an additional coating provide protection against corrosion, guaranteeing that this air tank will last as long as you need it to. If it doesn’t, the lifetime warranty can always be used. 

If you’re looking for a smaller air tank that can get simple jobs done, this is a wonderful option to have. Although it is a tad bit heavier than an aluminum one, it still does not weigh more than ten pounds. This makes it ideal in case you need to easily move it from the garage to the trunk of the car. The versatility that this provides can make it a nice addition to a home toolset. 

Small air tanks like this one are great for pumping up tires or getting smaller jobs done, like a small airbrush job. The high PSI also makes it compatible with air tools. It might not last an entire day with a roofer using it for a nail gun, but it will get small mechanical jobs done around the house and garage. 

Why this Portable air Tank

  • Easy to carry
  • Small (only holds one gallon of air)
  • Ideal for pumping up tires
  • Up to 150 PSI
  • Strong threads

Keep in Mind

  • Should not be used for larger jobs
  • Made of steel, which can make it heavier than one might expect

2. Air Lift Aluminum Air Tank

This aluminum air tank weighs in at barely above six pounds, making it easy to transport around the house or workshop. The chrome finish provides a flawless, modern appeal that powder coatings don’t have. With an air capacity of four gallons, the Air Lift Aluminum Air Tank can handle medium-sized jobs. 

The primary downside to this product is that product specifications do not detail what size accessories will fit. You would have to email the company to make sure that it will be compatible with specific products, such as an airbrush kit. 

This portable air tank can get the job done, but I’d recommend using it more for stationary jobs. If you need an extra air tank on a vehicle, it can handle that. It will also make a nice addition to any garage. The spectacular thing about this air tank is that it’s small enough to be portable, but can also be used for stationary jobs. Use it in the garage for the air tools and throw it in the trunk in case you get a flat tire! 

Why this Portable air Tank

  • Can push up to 200 psi
  • Lightweight due to being made of aluminum
  • Protection plan available for purchase
  • Solid brackets on the bottom to hold up the air tank

Keep in Mind

  • Thirty inches long (it won’t fit in your saddlebags)
  • Finish may appear streaked in certain areas
  • Only has two ports
  • Longer, torpedo style can make it awkward to carry

3. Metabo 10 Gallon Air Tank

The Metabo 10 gallon air tank takes portable air tanks to the next level. It’s sleek finish instantly makes it appear modern. It can handle up to 175 psi and has enough ports to accommodate an entire team. A shut off valve makes filling it with air and then disconnecting it from the compressor a breeze, and you’ll never have to worry about it draining itself of air. This air tank was designed to get the job done. 

This air tank is great for team jobs, like roofing. You can easily have five guys with nail guns using it simultaneously, and it won’t be a problem. While there have been a few quality control issues reported, these appear to be isolated incidences as the few reported were different incidences.

Overall, it appears to be a solid product that would be a great addition to a garage, workshop, or on the go job. If you need something small to carry around with you, this is not the best portable air tank. A smaller, lightweight tank should be used for those jobs. For example, if you need one to stow away in the trunk of your car.

It is heavy for some to lift and is bulkier in diameter than other tanks in the same category. Instead, it is recommended for use on jobs that require occasionally moving the tank from one stationary spot to another. 

Why this Portable air Tank

  • Five ports
  • One regulated port
  • ASME certified
  • Has regulator and pressure gauges

Keep in Mind

  • Weighs almost 40 pounds
  • Couplings occasionally are forgotten in the box

4. Five Gallon Bead Seater

While this product is designed specifically for seating tires, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for one. A sturdy product that comes with everything you need! The powder coat finish is appealing, and the pressure gauge works well.

It is worth noting that in order for this one to work properly, you’ll need to make sure that the tires are propped up against something so that they get all of the air pressure that is released. It can take a few tries for beginners to get the hang of it, but it’s well worth it when you do!

This five-gallon bead seater can handle everything from small lawnmower tires to large tractor tires and everything in between! If you’re tired of having to call someone to fix your tires and are interested in learning how to get them seated properly, this is a nice way to start. Instructions are included. 

This portable air tank is affordable, easy to use, and durable. The primary downfall is that there is a learning curve, and you need ear protection. However, it can instantly make dealing with flat lawnmower tires easier than ever before!

It should be noted that the pressure valve is set for up to 300 psi, but it’s only recommended that this one is used at 145 psi. However, 145 psi is more than enough to make sure that your tires are good to go! 

Why this Portable air Tank

  • Performs well at seating tires
  • Built-in gauge and handle
  • Only weighs ten pounds

Keep in Mind

  • Not multi-functional (will not work with air tools, etc.)
  • Loud (you will need ear protection)

5. Craftsman Pancake Air Compressor

The Craftsman Pancake air compressor is everything a person could need in one kit. The accessory kit included comes with the necessary attachments, including one to check your tires! Other options include a tool kit, a nailer, or a nail gun as add-ons. It weighs in at slightly above thirty pounds, making it a great garage staple but not the best idea for the trunk. This pancake air compressor can handle a psi of up to 150. 

This air compressor is great for the garage if you use air tools or a one-man job. It will suffice for a two-man roofing job. It doesn’t have the capacity and outlets for an entire roofing team. It’s also recommended to release the air after each use, meaning it’s not the best option to take on the road for when you get a flat. Having to release the air after using the air compressor daily will be inconvenient. However, you might be able to get away with doing this every other day as it usually takes longer than one day for condensation to accumulate. 

If you need something for personal use, this lightweight air compressor is a nice option. It’s light enough that most people will not have a hard time moving it but heavy enough that you can trust it to be sturdy. 

Why this Portable air Tank

  • Portable
  • Fills up quickly
  • Attachments included
  • Sturdy
  • Made from a well-known brand
  • Made for two users at once

Keep in Mind

  • Not a lot of power behind it
  • Not made for permanent mounting
  • Not recommended to leave air in for a long period of time

In Conclusion

My Recommendation is to get the Craftsman portable pancake air compressor. It’s both an air tank and an air compressor in one! The lightweight makes it more portable than heavier options and comes with the attachments that you’ll need. You can save extra money by purchasing additional products at the same time, making it more cost-effective than it already is. 

It’s compatible with plenty of other products and eliminates the need for purchasing a separate air compressor or having to take a tank to get filled up. It appears to have a drain plug on the underside in case you forget to let the air out too! You can tackle small garage jobs or larger roofing jobs with this one! 

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