Top 10 Best Portable Baby Wipe Warmers

Portable Baby Wipe Warmers

Traveling with your baby requires an extra level of care. And parents always want the best for their babies. This also includes caring for their sensitive skin, which can cause quite a lot of discomfort.

And an effective way to take care of the sensitive skin while on the go is with baby wipes. However, if the baby wipes are too cold, it might cause even more discomfort to the baby. And we don’t want to disturb them when they are sound asleep.

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Luckily, there’s a fantastic product readily available for keeping the baby wipes warm. It’s called a portable baby wipe warmer.

Most of these products are relatively inexpensive. But there is a great deal of choice for choosing your preferred baby wipe warmer. And as we are on the go, the wipe warmer should be portable. Having the comfort of warm wipers is crucial when we’re changing the diapers, cleaning spit-ups, and treat other creative ways that our babies use to dirty themselves.

Picking a good portable baby wipe warmer shouldn’t be an overly complicated procedure. However, as there are so many choices out there, we are giving you a lowdown on each product so that you can make that decision easier.

1. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

The Hiccapop wipe warmer is one of the best overall wipe warmers on the market. It’s marked by affordability, great quality, fantastic features, great design, and efficiency. This product has been sold for over a million times, and for good reasons.

Firstly, the wipe warmer does its job very well – its primary role is, of course, to warm up the baby wipers. But it also guarantees that the wipes stay moist at the same time. that gives you the best possible quality of wipes that you can use for your baby.

There are two design options to choose from: white and grey. And there’s also a nice light for easy use at night. You can easily store more than a week’s worth of wipes in the device itself, and it also holds wipes from all the major brands on the market currently. It also comes with a pretty low power consumption, and free lifetime warranty.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Nice, elegant design with night light.
  • Keeps the wipes warm and moist.
  • Big storage for all of the major baby wipe brands.
  • Free lifetime warranty.
Keep In Mind
  • The dispenser gets stuck sometimes.

2. OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes

The Oxo Tot wipe warmer is probably the best budget option you’ll find when it comes to baby wipe warmers. The device can hold up to 100 wipes at the same time. For heating the wipes, the silicone gasket makes sure they stay warm, fresh, and moist.

The use of this wipe warmer is also very easy. It doesn’t offer anything spectacular, but it gets the job done, and for a very good price. The weight plate dispenses one wipe at a time without any problems of wipes getting stuck, so that enables a very easy level of use.

The product is BPA-free, PVC-free. The product itself doesn’t actively warm the wipes, but it keeps them warm with the silicone gasket on the lid itself. That’s enough to keep the wipes warm, moist, and fresh when you need them.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Holds 100 wipes at a time.
  • PVC, BPA-free.
Keep In Mind
  • No active heating.

3. Bubos Upgraded Wipe Warmer

The Bubos upgraded wipe warmer is a very safe and smartly designed portable wipe warmer that will provide you with a good level of performance for a modest price. The warmer will accommodate most types of wipes, including the most popular ones.

When you turn the wipe warmer on, it will start heating up the wipes. The wipes at the top of the box will be kept warmer than the rest so that you can start using the immediately. There’s also a soft light that you can use at night. This allows you to see where the wipes are without turning on the bright lights during the night.

And the whole design of the wipe warmer makes sure the moisture and the heat stay inside the warmer itself. That’s thanks to the silicone sealing that keeps all the necessary ingredients for success inside the warmer. And if you’re worried about running out of wipes soon, you’ll be able to see the supply clearly through the small window on the warmer itself.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Smart and safe wipe warmer.
  • The silicone sealing keeps moisture and heat inside the wipe warmer.
  • The dim light allows you to use the warmer at night.
  • Good, elegant design.
Keep In Mind
  • The dispenser could still be improved.

4. NCVI Wipe Warmer

NCVI wipe warmer is one of the best portable wipe warmers that you can get right now. It offers you fast and constant temperature heating. It does this with a system that enables constant warm air circulation in the warmer itself, creating a warm atmosphere where the wipers stay wet and warm at the same time.

This warmer also comes with a relatively large capacity that will fit almost any brand of wipes in it. Additionally, you can easily adjust the temperature inside the warmer itself, as there is a three-level temperature adjustment. The temperatures range between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the biggest selling point of this product – the adjustable temperatures.

It’s energy efficient, as it only consumes one kW in 96 hours. That’s not a lot, especially considering that you’re getting a great level of performance and above all, a safe warmer to use.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Adjustable temperatures between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Fits most major wipe brands.
Keep In Mind
  • The design could be improved.

5. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Here’s another very useful wipe warmer. It’s a low-voltage wipe warmer that will get the job done efficiently. It’s a fairly simple wipe warmer that will dispense you the wipes you need to use, and it will allow you to keep them warm and moist for when you need to use them.

To add even more moist, you can pour some water onto the wipes as you put them into the warmer itself. That’s what the provider recommends to keep them fresh and moist for longer. For easy changing of the wipes, there’s a small window on the device at the front, which allows you to see how many wipes there are, and when you need to add new ones.

There’s also a soft light included that allows you to change or use the wipes during the night without turning on the bright light.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • Keeps that wipes warm and moist.
  • Soft light included.
  • Holds up to 100 wipes.
Keep In Mind
  • The build quality could be improved.

6. Prince Lionheart Premium Wipes Warmer

This premium wipes warmer offers you everything you need from a portable wipe warmer, and more. Firstly, we must mention that this warmer has a larger capacity than some other warmers on the market. It keeps the wipes warm and wet without letting them dry out.

There’s also an integrated night light which lets you change the wipes when your baby is fast asleep without disturbing it. And the overall package also offers you to store the wipes easily underneath the warmer itself, where you can store wipes.

Overall, a very simple portable wipe warmer that will get the job done very well. At the same time, it’s not a very costly product, so you can get a good level of quality for a modest price.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Quality performance to keep the wipes fresh, warm, and moist.
  • Night light allows you to change the wipes at night.
  • Good storage space underneath the warmer.
Keep In Mind
  • Wipes can rip up when the plastic doesn’t open up properly.

7. Gogo Pure Baby Wipes Warmer

The Gogo Pure baby wipes warmer is one of the most popular baby wipes warmers currently on the market. It has a 90% satisfaction rate within all the years that it’s been sold. The baby wipes will be just at the right temperatures when they come out of this warmer.

There are 4 LED lights that will allow you to use the wiper at night, or when there are low-light conditions. And when you don’t need the warmer to work, it will shut off automatically. That happens after 10 minutes. There are also two heat settings for warming up the wipes: heat 1 is great for summer, while heat 2 is designed for the low winter temperatures.

The compartment for the wipes is also relatively big. It can hold to up to 100 wipes at the same time. and it can support all wipes from the largest companies currently on the market. And you can easily observe how many wipes there are through the window.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • The temperatures can be set as you want them to.
  • 4 LED lights for easy night use.
  • 100 wipes can be held in the compartment.
Keep In Mind
  • The latch for changing wipes could be better.

8. Eccomum Wipe Warmer

Here’s another great wipe warmer that doesn’t necessarily do anything fancy – but it gets the job done. With the large capacity, you can hold up to 100 wipes at a time. The wipe changes are made even easier with the soft light, which allows you to make the changes even during the night.

And the heating within this warmer is done in such a way that warm air ventilates and circulates within the device itself. If the air is caught in the top, then the bottom wipes would get dry. But, this wipe warmer features a very useful technology that lets the air circulate and warm up the entirety of the warmer, not just the top-most wipes.

The warmer uses just 1KW in 84 hours, making it an energy-efficient warmer that will allow you to decrease the long-term costs. It’s also super silent and it has an indicator light that tells you when the device is on.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Holds up to 100 wipes at a time.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Night light.
  • Super silent.
Keep In Mind
  • Sometimes the dispenser doesn’t work effectively.

9. Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer

We’ve already reviewed one product from Prince Lionheart on this list, but this one also makes the cut. That’s mainly thanks to its compactness, and the quality of performance that it brings. It’s a quality product that gets the job done well – it keeps the wipes warm and fresh for longer.

And the perfect news is that this product also includes wall and car adapters, making it the perfect choice for when you’re on the go. And it doesn’t take that much space, either, to accommodate this product in your car, for example. Sure, the storage is slightly smaller, but when you’re in dire need of some wipes on the go, this product will help you massively.

And even if the warmer is unplugged, it will still keep the wipes fresh and warm for up to an hour. Overall, one of the best portable wipe warmers you can take in your car.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Great portability with car and wall adaptors.
  • Compact.
  • Good performance, keeps the wipes warm for an hour after unplugged.
Keep In Mind
  • Small storage space.

10. Kekele Baby Wipe Warmer

The Kekele Baby wipe warmer is another very useful wipe warmer that will keep your wipes warm and fresh when you’re on the go. This one comes in the pink color.

This warmer keeps the wipes warm with air circulation that keeps all of the wipes warm, not just the top ones. It holds all wipe brands, and it has a decent storage, too.

And if you’re not satisfied with this product, there’s also a 100% money guarantee on the purchase.

Why This Wipe Warmer
  • Great, portable wipe warmer.
  • Suitable for most wipe brands.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
Keep In Mind
  • Space for improvement in build quality.


When you travel with a baby, it’s essential to have all the necessary requisites at hand. One of the more important ones are baby wipes. However, baby wipes are usually cold, unless they are placed in a wipe warmer. Hopefully, you now know which portable wipe warmers are the best for your baby.

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