5 Best Portable Beer Pong Tables To Get Your Party Started

Every party needs something extra to add some fun to the mix. If your event is just a bunch of people sitting around with their drinks, it won’t be one to remember. To avoid throwing a complete snooze-fest, you need one of the best portable beer ping pong tables for your event. Take your party from tame to electrifying with just the toss of a ball.

Best Portable Beer Pong Tables: Summary

  • GoPong Beer Pong Table
  • Red Cup Pong Folding Beer Pong Table
  • Versapong Portable Beer Pong Game
  • Party Pong Tables Beer Pong Table
  • Party Pong Tables Spectrum Edition

If you are in a hurry and want to get the Best Portable Beer Pong Tables, I Recommend the GoPong Beer Pong Table. But If You are on a budget, then you should get The Versapong Portable Beer Pong Game.

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Beer Pong Table Buying Guide

Everyone loves a round of beer pong at parties. It’s a fun and exciting way to do something as a group and allows people to break out of their comfort zones. Guests can get competitive with one another and have a good laugh. Many life-long friendships have been made around the beer pong table.

What Kind Of Table Do You Use For Beer Pong?

A beer pong table isn’t an everyday piece of furniture for your home unless you are the world’s most exciting person. You’re going to want a table that you can fold up and put away until the next time you have a party.

After you throw your first beer pong party your friends will catch on to how fun this game is. Not all of them are going to go out and buy their own, so they will be asking if you can bring the beer pong table to their parties. Getting a portable beer pong table is a good idea so you can bring the fun with you.

What To Look For In A Portable Beer Pong Table?

If you want your house to be the hot spot for Saturday night get-togethers, then a beer pong table will have all your friends knocking on your door. To make sure you have the best beer Pong table so it never lets you down, you should look for some of the following features when shopping for a table:

  • Easy To Transport: Unless you are setting this table up in the exact same spot every time, you will want a table that is portable. This way you can bring it outside when the weather is right or transport it to a friend’s house when they are throwing a party. Having a beer pong table that is easy to transport keeps your options open for throwing a great party.
  • Easy To Set-Up: Not all of your beer pong games will be planned. Sometimes when you are hanging out with a few friends you guys might spontaneously get the idea to play a few rounds. There is a very good chance that you might already have a few beers in you at this point, so it is very helpful to have one that’s easy to set-up. 
  • The Right Size: Beer pong isn’t just something people do to kill time when they are drinking, it’s an official game. That means there are regulations in place. The most important being the size of your table. Official beer pong tables need to be at least 8 ft long, 24 inches wide, and 27.5 inches in height. With an official beer pong table, the distance between the 2 front cups will be 65 inches for a 10 cup game. 
  • Sturdiness: A beer pong table needs to be sturdy. Even the slightest wobble will cause you to have spilled beer all over the place once the game begins. This game is messy enough without a wobbly table. 

How To Set-Up A Game Of Beer Pong

This game is usually set-up with either 6 or 10 cups per team. Each team will arrange their cups to form a triangle on their side of the table. It is a relatively simple set-up, but it is recommended to keep a few extra cups of water nearby since this game is really messy. 

Some tables will make the set-up of this game easier for you by having markers of where you need to place the cups. This can be helpful when guests who are already tipsy start to argue about the rules. 

How To Choose The Right Portable Beer Pong Table

Not all beer pong tables are the same. There are a few things to think about before making your purchase. You know what to look for in features, but these are the factors that determine which table is right for you.

  • Price: A good quality beer pong table should never cost your life savings. However, some tables are a bit more decorative and exquisite which can cost more money. Since your beer pong table probably won’t be your main table it’s important not to go over your budget. You need some money left over for some beer after all.
  • Storage: Before picking out a beer pong table you should plan out where you are going to store it and make sure you have enough room. 
  • Location: While some people plan on setting up their table in their basement and leaving it up, others need one that can fold up to fit in a tight closet. Everybody has different plans with their beer pong table, so it’s important to know what yours are before buying one. It can help you make the right purchase.

The 5 Best Portable Beer Pong Tables You Can Buy

Are you ready to get the party started with a few rounds of beer pong? Take a look through these beer pong tables to find the one that will make you the party host that everyone wants to be friends with.

1. GoPong Beer Pong Table

It’s easy to see why beer pong lovers are obsessed with this table by GoPong. It has everything you need to make sure your night of beer pong goes right. To start with it had cup holders to place your cups in to keep spills to a minimum. Cleaning up after beer pong is never pleasant, so these holders eliminate a lot of the sticky mess. 

There are dry erase markers included so you can easily keep score right on the table. You can even use these markers to customize the table. Get creative, come up with logos for each team and go wild with the design on the table. Since this table has those amazing cup holders you won’t have to worry about spilled drinks ruining your team’s art.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your closet, you won’t need to worry. This table is the official beer pong size, which is 8 feet long. It folds up and comes with an easy to carry case to store it in. This makes it easy to store this table even in the smallest closets. 

The sturdy design of this table is built to withstand the wildest party. No matter how crazy your night gets, this table will still be standing in the morning. When they built this beer pong table they knew it wasn’t a game meant for the tame. 

2. Red Cup Pong Folding Beer Pong Table

To make beer pong feel like more of a sport Red Cup designed this beer pong table to resemble a basketball court. Sports fans can have fun while getting competitive with one another. It includes ball racks with 6 custom designed balls. Beer pong isn’t just an excuse for college kids to pound back more beers, it’s an official game and should be treated that way.

Red Cup knows you have cups to fill and no time to waste. So you don’t waste any time searching for a bottle cap opener one is attached right to this table. The best part is, you won’t have to worry about another party guest walking off with it.

This folding beer pong table is the official regulated size for the game. Red Cup knows the party doesn’t just stay at home, so this table comes with an easy to transport briefcase that the table fits nicely inside. Bring this table anywhere you go, from tailgates parties to your best friend’s bbq event.

Red Cup has always been dedicated to providing their customers with great quality playing tables at the most affordable prices. Their team of staff is always there to help their customers with any questions or issues that may arise. They want you to have the best experience possible when playing on their tables.

This durable and tough table has stainless steel legs that strong enough to survive the craziest games. Get in the competitive spirit and challenge your friends to a game. Show them you have what it takes to be the beer pong champion.

3. Versapong Portable Beer Pong Game

Not everything has to be big to be fun. You can still play beer pong without the actual table. The Versapong portable beer pong table allows you to bend the rules a bit, making the game easier for beginners or more challenging for the experts.

This model is different than official tables because it is basically two stands that hold the cups in place. They re a lot lighter for traveling with, so you can bring this game anywhere with you. These stands only weigh 1 pound! Take them to the beach or camping to have more fun outdoors. They even come with a backpack to make transporting the beer pong stands even easier.

The racks on these stands can be customized to utilize any of the combinations of the re-racks. All you need to do is turn the top rack to take advantage of this. The bottom rack can be used to easily store leftover cups. These stands save on space, which also makes them perfect for playing a few games in a smaller room.

4. Party Pong Tables Beer Pong Table

Party Pong Tables is one of the most popular selling brands of beer pong tables online. All over the world, competitive party-goers trust Party Pong Tables to provide them with the best quality tables that will stand strong through any party. 

This 8 foot officially regulated beer pong table comes with 4 different colored dry erase markers so you can customize this table to suit any themed party you are hosting. It even comes with cup holders so you don’t have to worry about spilled beer ruining your designs. 

When you’ve finished the game, this table is easy to wipe down and fold back up. It comes with a protective briefcase for easy storing. This table also fits nicely into the trunk of any vehicle to bring to a friend’s house for their next party. 

Party Pong Tables has been making your parties a hit since 2006. They care about making sure your table is set-up with everything you need for a good game so your parties are always a fantastic time. Customer satisfaction is their number one priority when manufacturing beer pong tables.

5. Party Pong Tables Spectrum Edition

Party Pong Tables have secured another spot on this list, and that comes as no surprise when they make such durable tables that can last through the most intense games. If you are ready to party, Party Pong Tables is ready to be the main event at your get-together. 

While the last design we went over from Party Pong Tables was a dry erase board where the design was up to you, things are a little different with this model. Keep the atmosphere cool with this new design. This table features a sleek black tabletop with bubbles and color spectrums. If you’re looking for a table with a stylish design that won’t look tacky in your home, then this is the beer pong table of your dreams.

It’s an officially regulated beer pong table that’s 8″ long. The easy to fold design fits into a carrying case which is easy to store in even the smallest of spaces. There are also convenient handles on the carrying case, making it easy for you to take on the go. Now you can set-up a game of beer pong in your backyard just as easily as you could in your living room. 


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