Top 7 Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Disc golf is a sport that’s growing in popularity very quickly. From 2009 to 2018, the number of active PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) members increased from around 14.000 to a whopping 46.000. That’s why the demand for disc golf gear is growing.

If you’re looking for a portable disc golf basket, then you’re in the right place. We’ve gone through the current offering to help you find the best portable disc golf basket available right now.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets, then I recommend below As the best ones.

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What is a Basket in Disc Golf?

There are 9 or 18 disc golf baskets on the disk golf course. Disc golf baskets play the same role as holes do in golfthey are the ultimate goal of every player, as they try to put the disc into the basket in as little attempts as possible.

Traditionally, disc golf baskets were known as disc pole holes; sometimes, disc golf baskets are referred to as cage, pin, disc catcher, goal, chains, bucket, and more. Disc golf baskets are arguably one of the most, if not the most important part of the disc golf course.

When the flying disc hits the disc golf basket, then the course is complete. The player must attempt to hit the basket in as little throws as possible.

Disc golf baskets are normally mounted on a pole. The basket consists of a chain holder on top of the basket, which is used to catch the flying disk. Underneath the chain holder is a metal basket – if the disk lands in the metal basket or the chain holder, then the hole is complete.

In larger courses, the basket is cemented down into the ground. But when we’re on the go or at home, we can’t afford this luxury. This is why a portable disc golf basket comes in very handy for practicing the sport at home or on the go, or for simply having a fun game with friends or family.

Check out the rules of disc golf in this short video for those who want to learn more about the sport.

How to Select a Portable Disc Golf Basket?

1. Dimensions

There are many portable disc golf baskets available out there, but you should certainly keep an eye out on these ones. If you’re looking for a pristine disc golf experience, then you should try to purchase a portable disc golf basket that has the right dimensions. There are official dimensions posted on the PDGA website, so try and buy something that’s as close to the real deal as possible.

2. The number of chains

According to PDGA regulations, a disc golf basket should have 24 chains altogether: 12 on the outside, six in the middle, and six on the inside. This will help stop the disc when it hits the chains. And you will also do well to find a product with quality, weighted chains for this particular reason.

3. Portability

Some portable disc golf baskets are so portable that you can carry them around in your travel bag. Others are much more substantial and will require you to have extra additional space to transport them. You want to find an option that is lightweight but sturdy enough at the same time to allow you a satisfactory game of disc golf.

4. Materials

You want your basket to be as stable as possible. This will prevent it from tipping over when hit by a disc. If you opt for a heavier model, you will gain a good level of stability. But at the same time, you will compromise on portability slightly. There are also hybrids available (made from a combination of metals and plastic).

5. How you intend to use it

Another important factor to consider is just how exactly are you looking to use your portable disc golf basket. Are you someone who plays disc golf for fun with friends, or are you someone who’s looking for professional practice?

6. Price

Lastly, there’s also the price. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

What Types of Disc Golf Baskets are There?

There are several types of disc golf baskets. Tournament grade baskets are used in official PGDA tournaments. It’s unlikely that you’ll come across these types of baskets when it comes to portable disc golf baskets.

Types of disc golf

Recreational baskets are far more common. These are designed specifically for beginners, kids, and those who want a fun game of disc golf with friends. They will usually have a lower amount of chains and will, sometimes, be made from more lightweight materials.

Foldable and portable baskets are becoming increasingly popular in the disc golf world. They are used by both professionals and beginners, as there is a wide array of options. The great thing about these products is that they are easily foldable and are made from materials that allow easy use anywhere you might be.

How Much is a Portable Golf Disc Basket?

As with many other products, there is a wide range of pricing options when it comes to portable disc golf baskets. In essence, you can expect to pay anywhere between $80 and $200, depending on the quality of the basket you buy.

However, professional, mounted baskets can be much more expensive than that. These will cost you up to $400, but they are made from premium, high-quality materials and will last you an eternity.

What is the Best Portable Disc Golf Basket? 7 Options

Here are the 7 best portable disc golf baskets we have found during our extensive research.

1. Yaheetech Portable Disc Golf Basket

The Yaheetech portable disc golf basket is probably the best mixture of sturdiness, build quality, portability, and price. It’s made from a metal frame and galvanized chains, which will protect the basket from rust and adverse weather conditions. But it will also make it far steadier and will catch your disc easily.

Why do we consider this to be the best portable disc golf basket?

It represents the perfect balance between build quality, portability, and price.

Additionally, it will only take you a couple of minutes to get the basket set up. Everything is foldable and easy to set up, and you’ll also get detailed instructions as to how to do it. There are 12 strands of heavy-duty chain, which will bring your disc golf experience very close to the professional thing.

Welded joints at the base of the basket provide extra sturdiness and reinforcement for better and more reliable catching, and it will also withstand wind and rain. It’s the perfect portable disc golf basket for beginners, lovers of the game, school or backyard use, and when you’re traveling. And with the yellow flag mounted on the top, you won’t miss this basket from a distance.

Why This Portable Golf Disc Basket
  • Made from high-quality, sturdy materials.
  • Easy to use and set up in a matter of minutes.
  • Practical for beginners and a variety of uses.
  • It won’t tip over when you throw a disc at it.
Keep in Mind
  • Chains might come unhooked occasionally if you hit it with the disc.


2. MVP Black Hole Practice 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket

After taking a look at other portable golf baskets, we’ve come to the conclusion that this one is by far the best in terms of build quality. It’s as close as you will ever get to a professional golf basket. It has 24 chains, which is the official requirement for professional golf baskets. This portable basket has the best chain design out of all baskets we’ve analyzed.

It’s a PDGA-approved basket with a high-quality build and it’s made from sturdy materials. But don’t worry, you won’t compromise on the portability so much. Even if it’s made from slightly bulkier and heavy-duty materials, you will still be able to fold and rearrange this basket in such a way that you’ll be able to take it with you anywhere you go.

The basket is a great choice for professionals but also for beginners alike. This gives it a great level of versatility. If you are looking for the perfect and most reliable portable disc golf basket for practice, then you’ll do well to find a better one in terms of quality. Perhaps one worry of this basket is the fact that it might get damaged by weather conditions over time.

Why This Portable Golf Disc Basket
  • Professional portable golf basket.
  • 24-chain design, PDGA-approved.
  • Easy portability.
  • Made from quality materials.
Keep in Mind
  • Might get damaged over time.


3. Innova Discatcher Sport 18 Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket

If you’re serious about disc golf and you’re looking for a quality portable disc golf basket, then you should certainly consider the Innova Discatcher. It’s a product that’s made specifically tailored to the PDGA requirements. With 18 galvanized strands of chain, the basket offers plenty of durability and quality to allow you to catch the disc easily.

And the great thing about this product is that it’s easily foldable and portable. You can easily assemble and disassemble it, take it to the woods or in your backyard, and start playing. It has 18 external chains and 6 internal chains, which will reduce the possibility of the disc not getting caught significantly.

The assembly process is also relatively easy. Despite the fact that this basket is slightly sturdier and made from high-quality materials, you’re still getting a good level of portability to go with it. It’s made from 5 parts altogether, allowing for easy assembly and then disassembly once you’re finished playing.

But keep in mind that this product is not made to be placed outside all the time, so it might degrade if you do so.

Why This Portable Golf Disc Basket
  • PDGA-approved golf disc basket.
  • Very durable and high-quality design.
  • Assembly only takes a few minutes.
  • Easily portable.
Keep in Mind
  • Not for constant outdoor use.
  • Only one set of chains included.


4. Driftsun Sports Portable Disc Golf Basket

The Driftsun sports portable disc golf basket is perhaps the best option if you’re looking for a good quality portable disc golf basket for an affordable price. Made from metal, the product will provide you plenty of sturdiness and quality to last you for quite a long time. And at the same time, you won’t have to worry about the basket tipping over if it gets hit by the disc.

The best thing about it is that it meets PDGA regulations when it comes to size, so you’ll also be able to get a realistic practice for your next game, for example. It’s lightweight and portable, as it can be assembled and disassembled effortlessly. But the heavy galvanized chains do bring some weight to the product, although it will still be portable.

You can play a game of disc golf anywhere with this product. In terms of drawbacks, we have to mention one thing: there are no anchors for the base of the basket included, which might result in the basket not being as stable as some other basket. Other than that, it’s a fun and professional basket that will allow you to play disc golf anywhere you go.

Why This Portable Golf Disc Basket
  • Sturdy and high-quality.
  • PDGA-approved measurements.
  • Easy and fast assembly.
  • Good portability.
Keep in Mind
  • No basket anchors.
  • No additional set of chains.


5. Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket

Here’s another professional option if you’re looking for a good portable disc golf basket. The axiom disc golf basket is a great portable basket, although it’s slightly heavier than some other products. You do compromise on portability slightly, but at the same time, you’re getting a professional disc golf basket that will last you for years!

And don’t worry if you’re not about the pink color – there are many other color choices that will keep you interested. The body of this basket is made from steel, so you can expect it to be slightly heftier. However, this also brings another level of stability to the product, which is what you ultimately want with disc golf baskets.

It has 24 chains and is made according to the official size requirements – it’s a professional disc golf basket. But at the same time, it will also allow you to bring it with you anywhere you go. The good news is that you can assemble and disassemble this basket just like you can other baskets. It is slightly heavier, though, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.

Why This Portable Golf Disc Basket
  • Professional disc golf basket.
  • Easy assembly in a matter of minutes.
  • Many color choices available.
  • 24 chains and made according to official size requirements.
Keep in Mind
  • Slightly bulkier than some other baskets.


6. Innova Discatcher Traveler Basket

If you’re looking for a purely portable and affordable disc golf basket, then you will probably like this product a lot. The basket from Innova is certainly an interesting option – the assembly will literally take seconds, as you only need to unfold it. There are 12 chains on the basket, which is not the most, but you’ll still be able to get a good game of disc golf out of it.

This product is the best for kids and beginners, and for those who want to have a quick game of disc golf with friends in their backyard. The basket itself is made from lightweight mesh, so this product is relatively lightweight and will allow for a great level of portability. In addition, the setup takes only seconds. It’s the easiest portable basket to use.

And if you’re worried about the quality, then there are 5 legs at the bottom of the basket which provide a decent level of sturdiness to it.

Why This Portable Golf Disc Basket
  • Very lightweight and portable.
  • Easy set up.
  • Great for beginners and kids.
  • Good level of stability.
Keep in Mind
  • Not the most durable product.
  • Only has 12 chains.


7. MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Macro Mini Disc Golf Basket

We’ve already featured one MVP product on this list, but we believe that this one is also worthy of a mention. The MVP black hole macro mini disc golf basket is a slightly smaller cousin of the MVP black hole portable disc golf basket. It’s 39” tall, and it’s an all-metal construction with all joints welded together.

This allows a great level of stability when you use the basket. And while it is slightly smaller than the official basket sizes, you’ll still be able to get a good practice out of it when you’re on the go. Just take it with you, and enjoy a great game of disc golf with friends or family. It’s also great for kids.

Why This Portable Golf Disc Basket
  • Compact design.
  • Good stability.
  • Made from metal – high-quality build.
  • Great for kids and beginners.
Keep in Mind
  • Smaller than official sizes.


The Bottom Line

Portable disc golf baskets come in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a good, professional basket, or you just want a basket that’s great for practicing, then the choices are endless.

However, we believe that the Yaheetech portable disc golf basket (check it on Amazon) is currently the best option. It’s great for a variety of uses – if you’re looking for a good practice or just a fun game, then it will serve you well. It’s also relatively affordable, and Amazon users like it the most by far, too.

If you’re looking for a more professional option, then you should consider the MVP black hole 24-chain portable disc golf basket (check it on amazon). It’s a great basket made from high-quality materials and according to the official PDGA sizes.

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