Top 7 Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Portable generators are a fantastic choice if you’re looking to have a backup plan when you’re out of electricity. They will also provide you with an excellent power source when you’re traveling, for your RV, or when you’re camping. Dual fuel portable generators are a popular option because they offer flexibility and lower costs.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator, then I recommend below As the best ones.

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What are Portable Dual Fuel Generators?

Portable dual fuel generators are generators that use two types of fuel at the same time. In most cases when it comes portable dual fuel generators, they will use gas and propane to power up the engine and generate electricity.

These generators are also portable, meaning that they can be moved around thanks to a set of wheels. Some of them are also appropriate for RVs and for camping, as they are more lightweight than most stationary dual fuel generators.

Depending on the situation and use, dual fuel generators provide more flexibility and better efficiency, as we are able to choose between two types of fuel for powering the generator. For example, when we run out of gas, we can use propane to power the generator, extending the running time of the device.

Here’s how a portable generator works.

How Long Will a Dual Fuel Generator Run on Propane?

A dual fuel generator will run for between 5 to 10 hours on propane. That depends mainly on how much propane the generator can hold, and at what capacity we are using the generator.

Most users tend to run generators at 50% loads, which can increase the running time on propane. Normally, generators will rely primarily on gas, which will last longer than propane. However, when the generator runs out of gas, it will automatically switch to propane, extending the running time.

What Makes a Good Portable Dual Fuel Generator?

So what are some main qualities that we should look out for when choosing a portable dual fuel generator?

1. Power

The biggest factor to consider is arguably the power the generator can provide. A good way to figure out how much power you will need from the generator is to calculate the power all your appliances will need.

For running an entire household, at least 7000W of power will normally be needed, although it can be even less. Some users will find a 12.000W dual fuel generator more helpful, as it will be capable of covering their needs.

If you’re looking for a good portable generator for traveling, then you don’t need that much power. That will save you space and give you some extra points in portability.

2. Portability and Mobility

One key factor to consider is just how portable the generator is. This includes its weight, how easy it is to be transported, and whether it needs additional purchases to make it more portable.

Most of portable generators will come with a set of wheels at the very least. However, some portable generators are specifically made for RVs, which increases their usefulness if you’re someone who likes to go out camping and needs a source of electricity.

3. Noise Levels

A noisy portable generator is something that nobody wants to have. You will want to ensure that the generator is not too noisy for your needs.

Sure, if you’re looking for a generator for industrial needs, then noise levels might not matter that much. But for outdoor use, for camping or RV, or even for home use, a noisy generator can be a nuisance.

Look out for the noise labels on each generator (if they have them), which can make your decision much easier.

4. Ease of Use

A good portable generator should be easy to use. This includes one-touch electric start and easy control over the generator.

If a generator has a monitor where you can see oil levels, fuel levels, and the status of the unit, then that’s a bonus. It enables you to have a more satisfactory and better experience with the unit.

For all beginners out there who have never used a portable generator before, we advise you that you look out for a portable generator that starts easily and has the features we mentioned above. However, most generators are actually quite easy to use, and they also come with manuals. It might take some learning, but it should get easier with practice.

5. Security

Security is a major factor when choosing a portable generator. Ideally, a portable generator should have security measures such as control and safety mechanisms against overheating, low oil shutdowns, and overload.

Look for models that come with additional safety features if you’re that concerned about safety. But most newer models will have these features.

Is It Cheaper to Run a Generator on Gas or Propane?

Running the generator on gas will be cheaper in most cases. Provided that you do not live in an area where propane is proportionally cheaper than gas, then you will most probably spend less on gas and get more out of the fuel.

But the main usage of propane in dual fuel generators is to provide another layer of flexibility in case you get left without gas and you don’t have access to gas. You can expect the costs to be visible on the long-term, although the differences between gas and propane are not that significant.

What is the Best Portable Dual Fuel Generator? 7 Options to Consider

So what are the best portable dual fuel generators you can buy right now?

1. DuroMax XP12000EH 12000-Watt Portable Dual Fuel Generator


  • Starting Power: 12.000W
  • Running Power: 9.500W
  • Noise Label: Around 75DB
  • Operating Time: Not provided
  • Fuel Tank Size: 8.3 gallons
  • Weight: 224lbs
  • Fuel Type: Gas + Propane

The DuroMax XP12000EH portable dual fuel generator is the most powerful generator on this list. It will produce up to 12.000 watts of starting power and 9.500 watts of running power. This takes it right to the top of our list. It will power your home appliances, or even your entire household when there’s no electricity.

It will run on propane and gas, giving you the flexibility to choose between the two fuel types. It also has five different outlets, which will power several appliances you might have. And you’re getting all this power while also keeping the portability in the product.

The great thing about this DuroMax portable dual fuel generator is that it has wheels, so you can move it around freely and use it anywhere you need it. At 224lbs, it’s quite substantial but it still allows for some portability if you need it.

And of course, you’re getting a real workhorse for this money, and at the same time, it has great safety options such as low-oil shutdown, which will keep the generator running smoothly and safely without the risk of breaking down.

Why This Dual Fuel Generator
  • Very powerful portable dual fuel generator.
  • Good portability with wheels.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Quality build.
Keep in Mind
  • It can get noisy.
  • Substantial.


2. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator


  • Starting Power: 3400W
  • Running Power: 3100W
  • Noise Label: 59DB
  • Operating Time: 14.5 hours at 25%
  • Fuel Tank Size: 1.6-gallon gasoline tank, 20lb propane tank
  • Weight: 95lbs
  • Fuel Type: Gas + Propane

The Champion 3400-Watt portable generator is the perfect solution if you’re looking for something lightweight yet still very powerful. This makes this generator the perfect solution for campers and RV users. It weighs only 95lbs, making it a lightweight option (compared to other generators, that is).

And it won’t produce much noise, either. It will produce only up to 60 decibels, which is perfect for RV and camping. You don’t want a noisy generator disturbing your quality time that you spend relaxing or having fun with friends or family.

And at 3400 watts, you’ll get more than enough power when you’re on the go. This will power your entire RV and all appliances you might have with you.

But even if you want a portable generator that’s good for home, this one will more than do its job. It will give you a decent backup option if there’s no electricity at home, making it the perfect versatile option.

Why This Dual Fuel Generator
  • Great portability and lightweight.
  • Very versatile.
  • Fantastic option for RVs.
  • Good power.
Keep in Mind
  • Not enough to power a complete household.


3. Westinghouse iGen4500DF Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator


  • Starting Power: 4500W
  • Running Power: 3700W
  • Noise Label: 52DB
  • Operating Time: 18 hours at 25%
  • Fuel Tank Size: 3.4-gallon gas tank
  • Weight: 48lbs
  • Fuel Type: Gas + Propane

The Westinghouse portable generator is either gas or propane powered. It will produce around 4500 of peak wattage, giving you more than enough power to power your RV or camping gear. But in some cases, this generator can be used for homes, as it is powerful enough to power most appliances.

A very impressive feature of this generator is certainly a remote start option using key fob. You also have electric start as well as recoil start for the gas-powered engine. There is a 120V duplex household outlet, a 30 amp outlet, and two USB outlets. It will be more than enough for all your essentials for travel, as well as your home.

Another great feature of the generator is the low noise levels. These will get as low as 52Db, an incredibly important feature if you intend to use this generator in your RV or even in your home.

And for a maximum energy efficiency, there is the economy mode available, which will focus primarily on bringing an efficient performance while saving you fuel.

Why This Dual Fuel Generator
  • Great portability and lightweight design.
  • Very low noise levels.
  • Good power supply of 4500W peak power.
  • Good running time.
Keep in Mind
  • Doesn’t idle smoothly.


4. DuroMax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Hybrid Generator


  • Starting Power: 4850W
  • Running Power: 3850W
  • Noise Label: 69DB
  • Operating Time: Not provided.
  • Fuel Tank Size: 3.6 gallons for gasoline, 20 gallons for propane.
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Fuel Type: Gas + Propane

The DuroMax XP4850EH is a fantastic hybrid between gas and propane, allowing you to switch easily between the two modes. You’ll get 3.96 gallons of fuel tank for gasoline, and 20 gallons of propane capacity. All this will last you for several hours.

There are 3 outlets included in the package – two household outlets, and one outlet with a twist lock. This generator weighs around 130lbs, which will slightly reduce its portability. However, you’ll also get wheels in the package, so you can move it around freely.

And if you decide to take it with you, you can disassemble it and reassemble it very easily, too. This generator is also a great option for RVs. And with the dual fuel option, you’ll get plenty of flexibility, too.

Why This Dual Fuel Generator
  • Great and reliable performance.
  • Excellent running time.
  • Easy to assemble and move around with wheels.
  • Have 3 outlets.
Keep in Mind
  • Relatively heavy.
  • Can get noisy.


5. WEN DF1100 11.000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator


  • Starting Power: 11.000W
  • Running Power: 8.300W
  • Noise Label: Not provided
  • Operating Time: 8.5 hours at 50%
  • Fuel Tank Size: 6.6-gallon gasoline tank
  • Weight: 214lbs
  • Fuel Type: Gas + Propane

The WEN portable generator offers you an opportunity to use gas and propane. It features a very powerful performance, as it can produce of up to 11.000 watts of power. That’s an amazing level of performance, which will allow you to use this product for larger projects, such as your home.

With the electric start, you can easily start up this product with minimal fuss. At 50%, the gasoline tank alone will provide you with up to 8.5 hours of running time. And if you switch to propane, you will gain some extra additional hours of performance.

There are 4 different outlets to connect the generator with. Plus, you’ll get a 12V DC cigarette lighter. There’s a two year warranty included in the package, rounding up a very attractive package.

Why This Dual Fuel Generator
  • Very powerful performance.
  • Good running time.
  • Dual fuel option.
  • 2-year warranty.
Keep in Mind
  • Quite heavy.


6. Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator


  • Starting Power: 3800W
  • Running Power: 3800W
  • Noise Label: 68DB from 23ft.
  • Operating Time: 9 hours at 50%.
  • Fuel Tank Size: 3.4 gallons.
  • Weight: 119lbs.
  • Fuel Type: Gas + Propane

The Champion 3800-watt dual fuel generator is a great option if you need a good portable generator for RV. It can produce up to 3800 watts of power at the highest performance levels. And you can switch between gasoline and propane to extend the running time of the generator.

With the never-flat tires and the portable handle, you can move this generator around at free will. It will run for about 9 hours on 50% of power if the tank is full. The noise level is at around 68 decibels from a distance of 23 feet.

While this generator is a great option for RVs, you can even use it at home, at work, or anywhere you might need it. With the 3.4-gallon gasoline capacity, you’ll be getting a good running time out of it.

Why This Dual Fuel Generator
  • Good portability and lightweight.
  • Fantastic running time.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Never-flat wheels included.
Keep in Mind
  • Loud


7. Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Portable Generator


  • Starting Power: 4550W
  • Running Power: 3650W
  • Noise Label: Not provided.
  • Operating Time: 14 hours at 50%.
  • Fuel Tank Size: 5 gallons for gasoline.
  • Weight: 134.5lbs.
  • Fuel Type: Gas + Propane.

The Firman portable generator allows you to switch between gasoline and propane operation. It will deliver you a standout performance and clean operation. It’s great for camping, but you can also use it at home, and as an emergency backup plan.

You’ll get up to 14 hours of running time at 50% thanks to the 5-gallon gas tank. And if you’re looking to extend that performance, you can switch to propane. There’s also a control panel on the device, which allows you to easily control the device. There are many outlets for a wide variety of uses, too.

There are 8” heavy-duty, never-flat wheels included. And with the u-shaped handle, you can move this generator around very easily. While it is quite substantial, you can get a good level of portability with it.

Why This Dual Fuel Generator
  • Good portability.
  • Long running time.
  • Good build quality.
  • Great for camping.
Keep in Mind
  • Propane can’t run sometimes.



1. Are Propane Generators Better Than Gas?

A great advantage a propane generator has over gas generators is that it has a much cleaner performance, as it won’t emit nearly as many toxins. It’s better both for you and the environment. When you need more power, gasoline might be better; however, if you’re looking for a cleaner performance, propane is better.

2. Do I Have to Ground a Portable Dual Fuel Generator?

Most portable generators will need to be grounded before you start using them. However, most will feature a design with a metal frame that will provide the path of least electrical resistance for the electricity. Most generators will come with a manual included, where you will see clear instructions as to how to ground your generator. In any case, it’s recommended to consult this manual before you start using the generator so that you can easily ground it.

3. How Big of a Generator Do I Need to Run a House?

Anywhere between 8000w and 12.000W will be enough to power an entire household. Although that will depend on how much electricity your home will need. If you have many appliances at home, then you will need more power to power your appliances. Such generators are relatively larger, but they will also provide much more power. The problem is that these generators can get heavy, so you might compromise on portability slightly.

4. How Often Do I Need to Refuel the Generator?

It will depend on how often you use the generator, what the fuel tank size of the generator is, and how much the generator consumes. Dual fuel generators are great in this respect as you don’t need to refuel them as often, as you can easily switch between gasoline and propane once the gas runs out. Normally, if you use the generator constantly, it will last you anywhere between 8 – 12 hours, depending on how much power you use.

Wrapping Up

Dual fuel portable generators are a great option for campers and RV users, but they can also provide a great option for those who need a backup power supply when there’s no electricity. You’ll need to find the best option for your portability needs and in terms of power needs.

If you’re looking for the most power out of the portable generator, then you should certainly take a look at the DuroMax portable generator (Check it on Amazon). This one is the most powerful generator, and it will be able to power your entire household. At the same time, you can take this generator with you and move it with wheels.

This Westinghouse generator (Check it on Amazon) is a great option for RV owners. That’s mainly thanks to its easy portability and ease of use. At the same time, it’s not a noisy generator at all, making it the perfect solution for campers and RV users.

If you’re looking for excellent value for money, then the Firman generator (Check it on Amazon) is a great option for you, too.

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