Portable Paint Booth: 5 Paint Booth You Should Check

Are you tired of the amount of mess you create when you are paint spraying? Worried that you are breathing in awful paint fumes? Don’t worry. There is a bit of kit out there for you. This is a Portable paint booth. These will help to keep all of your paint in just one specific place. Some will even remove paint particles, so you do not have to worry about breathing them in. On this page, we want to help you to find the best portable paint booth.

Best Portable Paint Booth: Summary

If You are in a hurry and want to get the Best Portable Paint Booth, I’d recommend the OPHIR portable paint booth for the Smaller items. But if you need it for large items or furniture, you can get the HomeRight large paint shelter.

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Buying Guide

Before we dive headfirst into our reviews, we want to talk to you a little about paint booths. Just so you can get an idea as to whether you really need them, as well as get an idea about a few of the things that you will need to consider when shopping for a paint booth. This is important information because, as you will see shortly, every booth brings something different to the table. You need to choose the right one for your painting needs.

Best Portable Paint Booth

Why You Need a Portable Paint Booth

Owning a portable paint booth isn’t strictly necessary. However, if you are regularly doing a spot of paint spraying, then it can be a vital tool in your arsenal.

The main purpose of a paint booth is to ensure that paint isn’t flying around the room. It pretty much keeps all of that paint focused on just a single location. This, of course, means that you will not have a lot of mess to clean up when you are done with your paint job. Essentially, the paint booth will allow you to paint in just about any room of your home. This is ideal for those that do not have a dedicated workshop space.

Of course, the portable nature of the paint booth means that you can easily put the paint booth away when it is not in use. This means that they are ideal for those that do paint spraying on occasion or simply do not have a lot of space available to them.  

How to Choose a Portable Paint Booth

As you go through our reviews, you will see that we judge each of the best portable paint booth options on several criteria, although we will also judge each product on its own merits too. Here, we want to give you an overview of some of the things you should be on the lookout for when you are tracking down an awesome paint booth for your tool arsenal.

Size of the Portable Paint Booth

Your first consideration will be the size of the paint booth.

People need paint booths for a variety of different reasons. Some will be dealing with small models, while others will be spraying hefty pieces of furniture. You will need to ensure the right size for whatever job you are carrying out. There isn’t really any overlap here either. A painting tent designed for larger pieces of furniture probably wouldn’t work well for small models. It would be tough to light up the model, and it would even be tricky to position yourself in such a way that will allow you to paint efficiently.

Of course, you will need to remember that the larger the paint booth, the less portable it will be, especially if you still need to have some ‘awesome’ features packed into it. Although, we have tried to ensure that even the larger paint booths on this list should be easy to store or move about.

Lighting Considerations

When you are painting, you need proper lighting. This means that your paint booth will need one of the following:

  • In-built lighting. This is expensive but will provide more even lighting for your painting job.
  • The ability to be lit externally. For example; there should be enough space inside the booth to position the light or, failing that, outside you should be able to position a light that will allow you to light everything up properly.

How Portable is the Paint Booth?

Most people are looking to purchase portable paint booths because they do not have a lot of space available to them. This means that the paint booth should be easy to store.

The larger paint booths i.e. the tent-style ones will just fold up. Many of the smaller paint booths can just be stored away without much folding involved. Although, do bear in mind that those options are probably best-suited to models as opposed to anything too drastic.


As you go through the portable paint booth reviews below, you will very quickly notice that each of them brings something different to the table. Some are nothing more than quality tent-style booths. Others have built-in fans that help to remove paint particles a lot more efficiently. This means that when you are shopping for a paint booth, you need to think long and hard about the type of features that you want in it. There will also need to be a bit of consideration for the amount of money that you spend. After all, the more features that come loaded into that portable paint booth, the more money it is going to cost.

How to Store Your Portable Paint Booth

One of the brilliant things about owning a portable paint booth is that you are probably not going to need to give that much consideration to keeping it clean. Big, bulky paint booths that are being used for hours and hours on end, and have rather sophisticated machinery inside, will need to be regularly maintained. With a portable paint booth, all you need to do is wait for the paint to dry and you are done. It can put into storage without any ill-effect.

If you have a plastic paint booth (we have two of those on this page), then you may want to clean off the paint with a paint remover on occasion. However, this is not something that we would recommend you do with tent-style portable paint booths as the paint remover may weaken the material.

The 5 Best Portable Paint Booth Reviews

Now, it is time for the main reason why you are here. We are going to discuss five of the best portable paint booth products on the market. We have tried to choose a variety of paint booths. This means that there should be something for absolutely everybody here, no matter what your painting plans are.

1. HomeRight C900146 Spray Shelter

Measuring 35″ wide, 30″ deep, and 39″ high, the HomeRight C900146 portable paint booth is firmly in the medium-sized category. It is small enough to easily fit on a workbench but large enough to ensure that it can deal with paint jobs a bit larger than small models. This makes it a perfect addition to most workshops. If you are not painting bulky pieces of furniture, then this painting tent is ideal for you.

This paint booth is ideal for those that are doing a small amount of painting every now and then. While it is not the strongest paint booth in the world, it is certainly tough enough to deal with being set up and taken down on occasion. For most people, this is a paint booth that could easily last a couple of years, which isn’t too bad for the price.

The real highlight is just how quick it is to set up. Owing to the pop-up design, your paint booth will be up and running within mere seconds. Once you are done with it, it will fold up nice and flat. It can easily be stored anywhere. You don’t get much more portable than this!

On the back of the HomeRight C900146 is an area for a box fan and a filter. This can help to add a bit more airflow into the paint booth if required. It does add a bit of extra expense, but it does make the paint booth a whole lot more functional.

Why Paint Booth
  • Can attach a box fan for better airflow
  • Incredibly lightweight, which means it is one of the most portable paint booths on this list.
  • Takes mere seconds to set-up.
Keep in Mind
  • Cannot be closed fully, which means some dust may get inside of the tent during the drying process.
  • It is a bit flimsy, so probably not ideal for regular paint spraying.

2. OPHIR Super Power Airbrush Spray Booth Kit

For those looking for something that is perfect for modeling, then the OPHIR Super Power Airbrush Spray Booth Kit may be the best option out there.

The real highlight of this product is the inclusion of a small, plastic turntable that sits in the center of the paint booth. Position your model on this, and you can easily spin it around. This will allow you to paint every part of your model without the worry of getting your fingerprints all over wet paint.

Built into this unit is a superb exhaust that will help to keep dust and other particles away from your paint job. The exhaust tube is almost 6-feet in length too, which means that you have a lot more control over the positioning of the portable spray booth.

Lighting should be an absolute breeze too. There is a built-in LED light, and this will help to evenly shine a light on your model. There is no need for any external lighting here. These LEDs are bright. In fact, this could be the only thing switched on in a dark room and you will still be able to see everything that you are doing.

Don’t worry. Despite all of these features, this kit is still quite lightweight, and can easily be kept inside a box when not in use.

Why Paint Booth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fan is incredibly effective
  • Fan motor is very quiet
  • Bright lighting
Keep in Mind
  • Can be tough to keep the hose in place.
  • The position of the turntable can make it tough to paint certain items.

3. AW Portable Air Brush Spray Booth

For the most part, the AW Portable Air Brush Spray Booth is not that much different from the offering from OPHIR. This means that it has mostly been designed for those that want to paint smaller models. However, there are a couple of differences.

Let’s start with the good. The AW offering has a far superior filter on it. It actually has two filters in place, which means that it is a lot more efficient at removing dust. If you find that there are a lot of larger dust particles floating around your work area, then the AW will keep them at bay. Most other products are only really good for getting rid of smaller particles. You can remove one filter if you wish in order to regulate the fog.

It also folds up a little bit better than the previous option, not by much, but this may be beneficial for those where space is a real consideration. It takes a couple of minutes to put everything away when you are done using it. It also has a convenient retractable power cable, which means you do not have to worry about wrapping cables around anything in storage which can, of course, shorten the lifespan of the product.

The only real downside is that it does not have any lighting built into it. You will have to provide your own lighting, but some modelers do prefer doing that.

Why Paint Booth
  • Probably one of the best options for removing large dust particles.
  • Easily dismantled to put into storage.
  • Replaceable filters
Keep in Mind
  • Small size and plastic construction can make it difficult to light effectively.

4. Nordstrand Portable Spray Booth

If you are looking to spray items that are a little bit larger than models or smaller items of furniture, then this spray tent from Nordstrand may be perfect for you. When it is fully assembled, it measures 8.5-feet x 6-feet x 5.5-feet. This means that it is perfect for chairs, patio benches, and most chests of drawers. 

While there are no clear assembly instructions in the box, most people should find assembly rather simple. It functions in much the same way as a tent. You have to slide some poles into place. Once you know what you are doing, you should have everything set up in mere minutes. Do bear in mind that it should only really be assembled outdoors. This is because the tent can be a bit unstable if it is not pegged down to the ground. 

This is a rather simple piece of kit, and thus there isn’t that much to say about it. It is the most basic of basic tents you can get for larger items. However, the lack of cumbersome features means that when you are done using it, it can easily be rolled up into the storage bag. This storage bag is not that much bigger than a rolled-up sleeping bag, which should give you an idea as to how simple it should be to store. 

Why Paint Booth
  • Huge size. Suitable for most furniture.
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Plenty of space to add your own lighting
Keep in Mind
  • No airflow flap
  • Assembly instructions are not clear

5. HomeRight Large Spray Shelter

This offering from HomeRight serves much the same purpose as the Nordstrand one. However, this is half a foot wider, which should give you a touch more space to move about in if you need it. This is great if the items that you are spraying with paint are really pushing the boundaries of being able to fit inside of the tent.

In our opinion, this spray shelter does a slightly better job than the Nordstrand option for directing paint overspray towards the bottom of the tent. So, if you just line that with cardboard, there should be little in the way of cleanup at the end. 

Our favorite feature in this large spray shelter is the addition of a mesh screen. While this is not going to be keeping dust out, it will keep out leaves, bugs, and wind out of the tent when the item inside is drying. The mesh allows the tent to breathe a little bit better, which will result in far faster drying. Although, do bear in mind that this mesh screen acts in lieu of a proper screen to protect the items inside. So, it may not be ideal if you live in an area that gets a lot of dust.

Once again, the assembly should take mere minutes, and everything will pack up neatly into a very small bag once you are done.

Why Paint Booth
  • The mesh screen is highly effective
  • Plenty of space to move about inside
  • Very efficient at catching paint overflow
Keep in Mind
  • Not ideal for indoor use
  • No proper protective screen to keep the dust at bay


Since we have covered a few different products on this list, it is time now for us to make a decision about what the best portable paint booth is. For that, we are going to have to choose two of them. Because, as we said, a paint booth built for modeling is not going to be great for larger furniture. 

For smaller items, the OPHIR portable paint booth is the route to go down. The addition of the LED light is an absolute godsend, which really helps on the lighting front. It can also be folded down nice and nearly, and the filter is highly effective too. Throw in the swivel base and you have an item that is suitable for most model painters.

For larger furniture, then the HomeRight large paint shelter is the route to go down. As with most larger paint booths, you will need to provide your own lighting. However, since it is designed for outdoor use, this shouldn’t be that much of a problem. If you want to slide in your own lights, then it is spacious enough for that too. This should take mere minutes to set up, and it is simple to store too.

Of course, all of the paint booths we mentioned on this page are brilliant, and we reckon you would be happy with any of them. However, if you want the best of the best, then go for one of these two options. You will not be disappointed.

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