Can You Cool Down a Tent Whilst Camping?

During the camping season, campers want to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the bright, shining sun. Great; let’s pack some clothes, put some food and drinks into the portable fridge, and off we go. Or did we forget something?

What about the cooling for the tent? Yes, we must not forget about that. Cooling down a tent while camping is one of the crucial things to take care of. While smaller tents can be managed in such a way that they stay cool, it’s significantly tougher to do that with larger tents. We need to make use of other gadgets. Can you cool down a tent whilst camping?

Yes, there are many ways to cool down a tent whilst camping. One of the best ways is to do it with a portable AC. Whilst picking the right spot to put your tent up is crucial, you can still expect to have warm air coming in during the day. That’s where a portable AC would shine.

Can You Cool Down a Tent Whilst Camping?

Cool Down a Tent

Cooling down your tent should be one of your priorities when camping, especially when it’s hot outside and the sun shines. Using a portable AC is an excellent solution for your woes, as is a portable fan. But you’ll find a portable AC much more effective to combat the heat.

And there are many choices to pick from when it comes to portable ACs. Some require electricity, while others are powered by batteries. The latter type of AC is usually slightly less powerful, and you’ll need to switch the batteries often. But it will keep you and your family cool and free of the heat that can ruin your holiday.

Tent positioning is crucial, of course, and smaller tents offer more flexibility with that. But if you’re camping in a larger tent, then your options for cooling down might be somewhat limited.

Tips for Keeping Your Tent Cool While Camping

Here are a few tips that’ll help you and your family stay cool in your tent and enjoy your holiday.

1. Use a Portable AC

Getting yourself a good portable AC will make sure you’ll stay cool wherever you go. While you might be worried about electricity, you don’t have to be. There are many good portable AC options that don’t require any electricity. And if you’ve got a generator or a power source near the tent, that’s even better.

2. Position Your Tent in a Shade

It’s all about positioning your tent in the right way to make sure you stay cool. But this piece of information is relevant for places where there is direct sunlight. You will want to position your tent in such a way that it stays in the shade when the sun is at its strongest. So if you’re setting up your tent in the morning or in the evening, be mindful of that.

3. Disassemble Your Tent During the Day

Now, this is where the limitations of a big tent come into play. You can easily disassemble the smaller tents and then assemble them when you need them for sleeping. This way, you’ll prevent them from getting hot and keep them away from direct sunlight. Your tent will be like a greenhouse during the day – it will absorb the heat and won’t let it out. When you’re out and about, disassemble your tent if you can.

4. Buy a Tent That’s Breathable

Ideally, you’ll want to buy a tent that has plenty of airflow options and doesn’t trap the air inside it. Nylon or polyester tents will work best against the heat, as will tents that have plenty of windows and good airflow through them.

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5. Use a Portable Fan

In addition to using portable ACs, you can utilize a good fan that will at least keep you moderately cool. A good portable fan should be lightweight and highly portable and should provide you with a good amount of cool air. It’s a simple solution, but it’ll save you from the heat in the long-term, and keep you cool whenever you’re on the road.

6. Take a Cold Shower

Note that this is only a temporary solution that can give you relief for the night ahead.

7. Ventilate the Tent During the Night

Make use of the slightly colder air during the night. Open all of the windows and spaces for ventilation and use all of the capacity of the airflow. At least you will stay as cool as you can, even if it’s still hot.

About Portable Air Conditioners

Using a portable AC is one of the best ways to cool down your tent. Here is what you need to know about them.

First of all, there are several types of portable AC devices:

  • Window Air Conditioners – portable ACs that are similar to regular, household ACs. They require ventilation and need to be sourced to a window; some will also require electricity.
  • Small Portable Air Conditioners – these will usually operate with the help of a battery or with electricity. They can provide about 12,000BTU worth of cooling, which is usually enough for moderately-sized tents.
  • 12V Portable AC – those who want a more compact option for smaller tents, this is the way to go. These units are powered by batteries and will provide you with enough cool air throughout the night. The batteries need changing, though.

Here are some considerations to make when choosing the portable AC for you:

  • Portability options – some ACs are more bulky and appropriate for larger tents, while others focus on portability.
  • Power levels – the more powerful an AC is, the better the cooling will be.
  • The tent size – your tent size will help you determine what type of AC you need.
  • The power source of the AC – is it battery-powered or does it need an electricity source?
  • Noise levels.
  • The ventilation.
  • The price.

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There are many choices you can make, so the decision might be intimidating. Here is the unit that we think is the Best Portable AC for camping that you’ll find useful for your adventures.

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Can You Cool Down a Tent Whilst Camping?