How Long Does a 13-kg Gas Bottle Last On a Gas Grill? This Long!

13-kg Gas Bottle Last

Are you buying a gas bottle for your gas grill? The grill and BBQ season is coming. This is a good activity to connect with your family during these times of social distancing and isolation. And knowing how to make the perfect grill or BBQ is a good skill to have these days. You can impress your family and friends and prepare amazing meals at the same time.

But you’ll also need to know how to maintain your gas grill. And one of the more important things to know is how long will a 13kg gas bottle last. But knowing this from the get-go is hard but also important to allow you to choose the right gas bottle for your gas grill. How long does a 13kg gas bottle last?

It will last you anywhere from 10 hours to 90 hours, depending on the type of gas grill you have. If you have a 4-burner gas grill, then it will last you about 10 hours or more. If you have a 1-burner BBQ, then it can last significantly more – about 90 hours or more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how long do 13kg gas bottle last, and how to make a simple calculation that will tell you the answer. Also, we’ll talk about some other useful information about gas bottles and gas grills.

How Long Does a 13kg Gas Bottle Last?

A 13kg gas bottle is enough to last you several hours, which means a few weeks. But that massively depends on the type of grill you will be using. For example, for traditional BBQ grills, the gas bottle will last significantly less than for, let’s say, compact burners.

13kg gas bottles have about 600MJ of energy content. So it largely depends on what type of burner you will be using. Traditional BBQs will have burners that consume slightly more energy than the compact BBQs.

  • Traditional burners consume 15-17MJ. Depending on how many burners the grill has, you can calculate how long the gas bottle will last.
  • Compact burners consume 7.5-10MJ.
  • Gas patio burners consume 35MJ of energy.

These measurements are very approximate, and they are based on measurements if you use the grill on maximum settings at all times. This will probably not happen every time, and you’ll be using the grill at slightly lower powers. So you can see that the number can vary significantly.

Variables That Determine the Lifetime of a Gas Bottle

What determines the lifetime of a gas bottle? There are several things to consider:

  • The size of the gas bottle.
  • The type of grill.
  • The time that we’ll spend using the grill.
  • The strength at which we use the grill.
  • The number of burners a grill has and how many of them we use.

Firstly, it depends on how long you’ll be using the grill. If you only intend to use the gas grill for a couple of hours, then it will consume less than if you would use it more often. If you use the grill almost daily than a 13kg gas bottle will last you 10 hours.

The number of burners on your grill also plays a big role. If you use a traditional grill with 4 burners, that would consume quite a lot of energy. This would consume 60-70MJ of energy, meaning that the 13kg gas bottle would last about 10 hours.

But if you’re using a compact burner, that number would go up significantly. Compact burners are typical for portable gas grills. Portable gas grills have one or two burners.

If you were to use one burner of the portable gas grill, then the 13kg gas bottle will last for 60 hours or more. If you use two, that number is halved. 60 hours of usage time is probably enough for several weeks (3-4 or even more), depending on how often you use the grill. In some cases, the bottle will last even for 70,80, or even 90 hours.

Gas patio heaters will consume 35MJ of energy, but they also have just one burner. So in this case, the 13kg gas bottle will last for about 20 hours or even more. Tabletop heaters, for example, can last about 40-60 hours.

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What are the Most Common Types of Gas Grills?

Traditional grills tend to be the most powerful. These are also the largest grills currently on the market, and they can vary significantly. They may have one burner, two burners, three or even four burners.

So you can see that traditional grills with four burners will consume much more energy. Traditional grills are a much more stable fixture and can’t be moved. They are mostly found at homes and as a part of a larger cooking facility.

Then we have compact grills or portable grills. These are rising in popularity, as we can take them with us anywhere we go. We can easily fold them and put them into our traveling package. Also, they are not very energy-hungry. In fact, they tend to consume the least amount of energy out of all types of grills.

Gas patio grills are also a popular choice, as they are caught somewhere in between traditional grills and portable grills. They’re perfect for backyards and gardens where you can host a grill party for your friends and family. Usually, these grills have just one burner, and they are somewhat simplistic but get the job done effectively.

There are also tabletop gas grills, which are usually the smallest, and they are a common fixture in kitchens. They also have only one burner most commonly, and they don’t consume a lot of energy.

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To conclude, 13kg gas bottles will last you anywhere between 10 and 90 hours, depending on the variables we discussed above. This is enough for the gas bottle to give you several weeks of lifetime. Although it does depend on the type of grill you have, how often you use it, at which strengths you use it, and how many burners you use.

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