How Many People Can You Cook For on a Portable Gas Grill? A Complete Guide

Cook for on a portable gas grill

On average, you’ll be able to cook for 2 to 4 people comfortably. If you want to push yourself, you might be able to do it for 6 people – and even 8 if you can bring outside help, like cold cuts or plenty of side dishes. If you are cooking all things grill-centric, then your best bet would be to cook for a party no bigger than four people.

That is not to say that your portable gas grill is no match for bigger parties, though! You can, and you absolutely should try to, use your portable grill in bigger settings. But, as previously stated, you’ll need help from other dishes.

Don’t try to overextend yourself and end up stressed. Grilling food should always be a pleasure, both at home or outside at a park, especially if you have the best portable gas grill for camping.

What can you cook on a portable gas grill?

Even though a portable gas grill isn’t the same as your standard house grill, that does not mean you cannot enjoy a fine-cooked meal straight out of it. Portable grills are world-famous for burger cookouts – but that is not the only thing that you can make with a portable grill. There are a lot of options you can have fun making and enjoy eating later on.

Grilled shrimp: They are small and easy to transport, you can make a lot of them at a time, and they cook quickly. It’s the perfect thing for your portable grill escapades!

Grilled skirt steak: If you are planning to cook steak on a grill, you probably need a long time. Unless you decide to use skirt steak, that takes little to no time to make. It’s the perfect setup for grilled steak lovers and portable gas grill owners.

Chicken breast tenders: Your average chicken breast will never be finished if you are using a portable grill, but that does not mean you cannot grill chicken with it! Chicken breast tenders will cook quickly on your potable grill and taste great.

What’s the best strategy for a portable gas grill and a big party?

If you took charge of food during a party and the only thing you have at your disposal is a portable gas grill, do not panic! You can still pull it off, no matter what the naysayers think. There are two rules for your grilling challenge and those are: keep it simple and keep it moving.

You need to come up with a meal plan that is easy to do and is a crowd-pleaser. We already wrote down three great options that are easy to transport and fast to cook, but they are also hard to eat unless you have utensils. The best bet for a mass-cookout using a portable gas grill is burgers! You need buns, meat, and paper plates. That’s it!

You can also be creative with it. Remember: your grill is as small as your creativity lets you believe. But you shouldn’t try something new when you are cooking for a lot of people. Always experiment on your own!

What do you need to take with you if you want to use your portable gas grill when camping?

Even though grilling out when you are camping is rather easy and doesn’t need much, it does need a couple of essential things. If you have this with you alongside your portable gas grill, you are more than ready to start cooking:

  • Gas tank
  • Lighter
  • Gloves
  • Spatula
  • Fork
  • Knife
  • Garbage bag
  • Water

That’s it! You can add anything else you might feel necessary, but those 8 items are on the essential list!

Can you leave a portable gas grill on for a long time?

You shouldn’t leave a portable gas grill on for a long time unless you absolutely must do so. There are a couple of reasons why you should leave your portable gas grill for extended periods – but most of them aren’t rather good reasons.

If you feel like you need to leave your portable gas grill on for a long time because you want to cook a large piece of meat, you should re-think your menu. More often than not, portable gas grills do not have the same power as your average grill, and you might find out you cannot properly cook larger pieces of meat.

Sometimes, we decide to go out camping during a cold season and think we can use the grill to heat ourselves up. This is a terrible idea. Lighting a bonfire is easier, safer, and won’t damage your grill in the long term.

Finally, keeping your gas grill for a long time will inevitably make you run out of gas – something that you do not want.

Should I clean my portable gas grill after cooking?

You should clean your portable gas grill after each time you are done cooking. This is done not only for health-related purposes but also for taste-related issues as well.

Not cleaning your grill can lead to contaminated food later on – and also, terrible-tasting food as well. If you don’t properly clean your grill, you might end up with an awful plate that’ll make you feel sick after a while. Nobody wants that!

How do I clean my portable gas grill?

All grills are different but most of them are cleaned the same. All you have to do is turn it on high and let the grill burn off the grease for 10 to 20 minutes. Once that’s done, all you have to do is scrape it off and remove anything that shouldn’t be on a clean grill.

For a more thorough cleaning procedure, remove the grates and everything else off and go to town with a grill brush. Remember to unplug and turn your grill off before you do so!

How long does a portable gas grill last?

On average, most grills last for over three years. You can make yours last even longer if you take proper care of it and clean it thoroughly every once in a while. Unfortunately, portable grills are not made to last for a long time – but they are made to create memories that will last forever!

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